How to Deal the Effects of Aging on the Buttocks

Aging ButtocksAging affects all areas of your body and the buttocks are no exception. With aging and a sedentary lifestyle, the gluteal muscles get weakened resulting in sagging skin and the buttocks lose their firmness. The area is comprised of skin, fat and other tissues, which undergo shrinkage with aging. As the gluteus is the largest muscle group, the results of aging show up quite prominently here.

How the buttocks change with age

The changes that happen in the butt as you age are as follows:

  • Fat atrophies naturally, that is, you lose fatty tissue
  • The muscles decrease in size
  • The skin loses it supportive connective tissue – collagen and elastin
  • Gravity’s constant downward pull makes the loosening of the skin more visible as the skin sags
  • The crease under the butt becomes longer as the butt begins to droop as the projection changes

When the underlying structures lose their support due to all these factors, the buttocks lose their youthful appeal.

Women are more prone to these effects than men. Genetics and hormones determine where the fat is to be stored and women tend to store more fat in the buttocks. A woman’s estrogen levels decline after menopause, causing many bodily changes. The back side looks less round and full by contrast as more of fat gets stored in and around the belly region. As the skin loses its youthful firmness, cellulite becomes more apparent.

Take measures to deal with these changes

If you want to keep your butt in shape, avoid sitting too much. If your office job involves sitting for long hours, get up often and walk around. To strengthen and build the glutes and trim the fat that overlies them, exercise regularly. The squat is particularly recommended to improve the appearance of the butt. Contract your gluteal muscles when you are standing, whenever you can. Working on your lower body a couple of times a week and sticking to a healthy, fat-free diet can take you closer to your goal.

If you find that diet and exercise are not working to shape up your derriere in the way you want, you could consider cosmetic surgery. The most popular procedure for butt enhancement – the Brazilian butt lift – is performed using the patient’s own fat. Excess fat is removed from one area of your body and injected into the buttocks to improve volume and shape. The procedure is minimally invasive – no general anesthesia, no big incisions or stitches. Treatment by a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon is important for safe procedures and optimal results.