13 Lifestyle Habits To Stay Healthy In 2022

Lifestyle Habits

Want a healthier and happier life? This is the best time to adopt healthy habits that can change your life for the better in 2022 and beyond. Each year, as the calendar turns to January, millions of people are motivated to make positive changes to their lifestyle through New Year resolutions – mostly centered on healthy habits that target popular genres such as health and fitness.

Have you wondered how many decisions you make every day and how they impact your habits? Every single daily decision you make – big or small – is affected by your habits and mindset. Habits – good or bad – have an enormous impact on your life happiness and success as they shape your mindset and influence your perspective on what happens to you. The New Year is the best time to switch to a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some simple but healthy habits that can change your life for the better in 2022 and beyond:

  1. Eat healthy food. Good food influences your mood and contributes to happiness. Include nuts, three or more servings of seasonal fruit, a serving of vegetables, a serving of protein with every meal.

  3. Always stay hydrated and cut back on wine, beer, liquor, and sugary drinks and beverages. Instead, drink lots of water or sip hot herbal tea.

  5. Devote an hour or so to workouts – by going to the gym, walking outdoors, or doing yoga or simple exercises at home. Exercising will help you to maintain a healthy body, relieve muscle tension, strain and pain, relax your mind, improve sleep, and address fatigue. Exercise can boost both mental and physical energy.

  7. Avoid junk food and eat fresh, wholesome food. Cooking at home is healthier as you have more control over the ingredients. Making healthy food at home is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of chronic illnesses.

  9. Sleeping and resting are the pillars of health that many self-proclaimed healthy people neglect. Find a schedule for sleep that works for you, put your phone away and prioritize getting enough every night. Getting a good night’s sleep can reduce stress, improve recovery from exercise, and improve your overall health.

  11. Quitting smoking is the best resolution anyone can make. Smoking puts you at risk of lung cancer as well as other types of cancer and is also associated with heart disease and other serious medical conditions.

  13. Connect socially with family, friends and relatives, whenever possible. Rather than talking, listening can be more important and more helpful, at times. Sometimes we just need to sit back, listen, and take it in. Listening shows others that we are genuinely interested which helps build better relationships.

  15. List out the five things you are grateful for.

  17. Jot down and make a list of what you need to do.

  19. Practice kindness – that includes self-kindness and self-compassion – and also find enjoyment in life, no matter how simple or small it is.

  21. Take steps to ease stress. Chronic stress can impact your mind and body. Mindful practices like meditation and kindness can lessen the effects of stress and calm the mind.

  23. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and your family and lower the risk of getting sick and transmitting disease to others.

  25. Finally, give yourself a break from everything – mentally or physically. This is probably one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself as you move into the New Year.

The time for change is now. When it comes to breaking bad habits and adopting good habits that last, starting small or taking baby steps is the key to success. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself with sudden, startling changes. Instead, stay focused on switching to a healthier lifestyle through simple, realistic changes.

6 Post-Thanksgiving Workouts To Get Back In Shape

Post-Thanksgiving Workouts

Most people tend to overeat during thanksgiving and gain weight. Fortunately, there are special post-Thanksgiving workouts that can help you get back in shape. The Thanksgiving celebration brings feasting, and along with that, higher numbers on the scale. We tend to overeat turkey, candied yams, marshmallow salads and pumpkin pie, which leads to calorie overload. The good news is that even if you do over-indulge, there are specific exercises that can help you get rid of those extra calories. Here are 6 post-Thanksgiving workouts to boost your metabolism and burn fat:

  • Cardio Exercises: Start with cardio or aerobic warm-up exercises to get your heart rate up and make your blood pump faster. The higher your heartbeat, the more fat you’ll burn. Cardio exercises also deliver more oxygen throughout your body, which keeps your heart and lungs healthy. Some common forms of cardio workouts include walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and fitness classes. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Trusted Source, “a person should get at least 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 to 150 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise each week to witness significant changes”.
  • Squats: This strength training workout can help you lose 10 pounds in a month. This lower body workout targets the glutes, hamstrings, quads, hips, lower back, calves, and even your abs. Doing squats increases your muscle mass, ups your metabolism and helps you burn calories faster. For optimal results, do at least 3 sets of 15 repetitions each day.
  • Push-ups: This functional exercise build stamina and strength in many major muscle groups, so including them as a part of your weight-loss regimen is a great choice. Start with a plank position, keep your body tight, and shoulders pulled down and back. Bend your elbows and slowly lower your body. When your chest grazes the floor, extend your elbows and return to the start position. Keep your elbows and arms at the same angle as your chest. Do 3 sets of 10–30 reps.
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT): This type of workout alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or short-term rest. HIIT helps to lose weight efficiently and is a great way to stay fit.
  • Burpees: If you want to burn excess fat in the thighs or lower body as a whole, try this full-body exercise. Along with weight loss, burpees keep you fit and healthy.
  • Planks: This is wonderful core workout that strengthens almost your entire body. It helps burn fat rapidly because it can engage multiple muscles at once. Though basic regular planks are a great way to start your weight loss journey, you can multiply their benefits by trying different variations such as forearm plank, reverse plank, walking plank, side plank and alternating arm and leg raise. All these variations involve more muscle groups in the exercise which will raise your heartbeat, and burn more calories.

After a big Thanksgiving feast, get some activity. Post-thanksgiving workouts can make you feel much better. In addition to helping you lose weight, a short workout session can release stress, and boost your energy and mood.

Great American Smokeout Day Is On November 18, 2021

Great American Smokeout Day

Smoking is the single largest preventable causes of death and illness. Sponsored by the American Cancer Society (ACS), The Great American Smokeout is an annual event held every year on the third Thursday in November. This event focuses on encouraging Americans to quit by challenging them to stop smoking for at least 24 hours, assuming that their decision not to smoke will, hopefully, last for forever.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking causes an estimated 480,000 deaths every year, which is around 1 in 5 deaths. More than 43 million American adults smoke cigarettes and those who smoke heavily suffer from smoking-related cancer and other diseases. No matter your age or how long you’ve been smoking, quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your health. Giving up smoking will improve your health both immediately and in the long term.

Though quitting smoking isn’t easy, you can succeed with a proper plan and the right support. Make Great American Smokeout on November 18 the day to start your journey towards a smoke-free life.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) has been hosting the Great American Smokeout for more than 40 years now. The first Great American Smokeout took place in California on November 18, 1976. According to the California division of the ACS, nearly 1 million people stopped smoking cigarettes that day. On observing its positive effects, the event was taken nationwide in 1977. Since then, many public places and work areas became smoke-free and dramatic changes have been witnessed in the way the public views tobacco advertising and tobacco use (cancer.org)
The event provides the opportunity for individuals, community groups, businesses, health care providers, and others to encourage people who smoke to make a plan to quit smoking and implement it on the day of the event.

Every individual is unique and can develop their own plan to quit. Some people may be able to quit abruptly and completely, whereas others may find it easier to cut back gradually. Some need substitutions and distractions to suppress smoking cravings and others need special medicines. No matter which path you choose, the Great American Smokeout event is the perfect occasion to make the first step towards a tobacco-free life.

When you are ready to quit, the next step is to devise a plan and make it work. Here six effective ways to stop smoking:

  • Identify the triggers: Identify the triggers that drive your urge to smoke and avoid them. Situations that make people crave smoking are the smell of cigarette smoke, the sight of a carton of cigarettes, eating certain foods, drinking coffee, and becoming stressed. Make a plan to overcome these triggers.
  • NRT: Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is a widely recommended option to reduce the cravings and withdrawal symptoms you experience during smoking cessation. NRT is aimed at weaning your body off cigarettes with a controlled dose of nicotine. Without exposing you to chemicals found in tobacco. U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved NRTs include skin patches, chewing gum, lozenges, prescription nicotine in a nasal spray or inhaler.
  • Physical Activity: Exercises like running and walking can distract from tobacco cravings and reduce their intensity. Other options to keep busy and cope with the urge to smoke include puzzles, needlework, gardening, journaling, or household chores.
  • Relax: For many people, smoking is a way to cope with stress. Relaxation techniques such as deep-breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, yoga, visualization, massage or listening to calming music, can help.
  • Get support: Some people are so dependent on smoking that even the thought of quitting can be both emotionally and physically challenging. This can make them back off from quitting. The solution is to get support:

    • Get help to quit from friends and family who do not smoke
    • Your doctor can prescribe medication to ease withdrawal symptoms
    • Consider behavioral and motivational therapies

If you have decided to quit tobacco, the Great American Smokeout Day is the ideal occasion to take your first step. Though quitting is not easy, you can do it. Every time you do something to beat the cravings, you’re one step closer to becoming totally smoke-free. If you don’t smoke, support the event. Great American Smokeout tools and resources can be downloaded from the ACS website for use in workplaces, health systems, and other places in your community.

It’s American Diabetes Month – “Take The Big Step Up” To Improve Your Health

American Diabetes Month

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of disability and death in the United States. If left untreated, the disease can affect every body part and cause serious and life-threatening complications such as kidney damage, nerve damage, amputations and blindness. Every year, the month of November is observed as American Diabetes Month by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to raise awareness about this chronic condition. November 14 is observed as World Diabetes Day by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). The theme for American Diabetes Month (ADM) in 2021 is #TheBigStepUp. It is designed to challenge those with diabetes and their loved ones to take the “big step up” for better overall health and a “future without diabetes.”

Diabetes is a constant battle, not just for those diagnosed, but for their loved ones, caregivers, and healthcare providers too. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 34.2 million Americans-just over 1 in 10-have diabetes. It is reported that 40% of people who passed away from COVID-19 were living with diabetes.

Let’s focus on prediabetes – a serious health condition where your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough yet to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes. According to the CDC, more than 1 in 3 U.S. adults or 88 million people have prediabetes. But what’s alarming is majority of people don’t know they have prediabetes since there are no clear symptoms. Some people might have symptoms of diabetes or even some complications. With prediabetes, action is the best medicine. This means making small healthy lifestyle changes that can help prevent type 2 diabetes and maybe even reverse prediabetes.

Here are 7 tips that can help prevent, delay or manage prediabetes:

  • Be Active and Lose Weight: Limit your sitting time and try to be more active. Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity, 5 days a week or at least 150 minutes a week of brisk. If you’re overweight, make efforts to lose weight – around 5% to 7% of your body weight, or just 10 to 14 pounds for a 200-pound person.
  • Choose Healthier Foods: Choose foods that are high in fiber and low in fat and sugar. A good rule of thumb is to fill half your plate with non-starchy vegetables (asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and carrots, among many others), one quarter with starchy foods (like potatoes, corn, or peas) and the remaining quarter with protein – such as chicken, fish, or beans. Limit carbs intake as it can raise your blood sugar. Drink water and avoid sugary drinks.
  • Get Proper Sleep: Getting the right amount of sleep can help keep your blood sugar at healthy levels. Try to get about 7 or 8 hours of sleep at night. For better sleep, avoid having alcohol or caffeine late in the day, stick to your regular sleep hours, and develop a calm, quiet bedtime routine.
  • Quit Smoking: According to WebMD, smokers are 30% to 40% more likely to get type 2 diabetes than nonsmokers. If you get diabetes and still smoke, your symptoms may be worse and it may be more difficult to manage your blood sugar. So, quit smoking.
  • Change Habits Slowly: Making changes to your lifestyle and daily habits can help prevent prediabetes. But don’t rush to change everything at once. Take small steps and follow them diligently. Remember that setbacks are normal – what matters most is to get back on track as soon as you can.
  • Seek Support: According to National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), it is possible to reverse prediabetes. So make a plan and track your progress. Seek the help your doctor and loved ones to make the necessary lifestyle changes.
  • Stay Up To Date On Vaccinations: If you are already diagnosed with diabetes or are more likely to get very sick from COVID-19 or the flu, then stay up to date with your vaccinations.

The CDC reports that new diabetes cases have decreased over the last decade – except in people younger than 20 years. In adults, there is much room for improvement in preventing diabetes complications. So let’s celebrate American Diabetes Month by taking the Big Step Up towards improving your overall health and learning to thrive despite your diabetes.

Remember early diagnosis, effective treatment and ongoing support and management can reduce the risk of complications associated with any disease and diabetes is no exception.

10 Key Tips To Stay Healthy This Fall


Change in season can be a challenge for our healthcare routine. Change from hot summer to cold fall is an example. To cope with shorter days and cooler temperature of this season, make sure you follow some healthy habits. Take steps to prevent flu and cold, and enjoy the last days of the year safely. Focus on overall health and wellness this season.

Focus on your diet

Make sure to eat healthy. Include vegetables, fruits and whole grains in your daily diet. WebMD recommends adding beans in your diet, as it is rich in protein, iron, folic acid, fiber, and potassium. Beans also add flavor and texture to soups. Fall vegetables such as brussels sprouts, cabbage, eggplant, carrots etc. help to prevent diabetes, control hypertension and improve heart health.

stay healthy

Get your flu shot and yearly check-up

Fall is also the season for flu and cold. Influenza (flu) viruses typically spread during fall and winter. So, getting flu vaccines now can reduce the chances of getting the flu. Flu is a serious disease, caused by the influenza virus. This vaccine will trigger the immune system to produce antibodies to protect against the disease.

Take COVID-19 vaccine

Even if you get the flu vaccine, make sure to also take the vaccine against COVID-19. The FDA has approved one vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19 and has issued emergency use authorizations (EUA) for three vaccines to prevent COVID-19. To stay safe, make sure to wash your hands frequently, use a hand sanitizer, and wear a mask when in indoor public places.

Stay hydrated

As you may not be thirsty, you may forget to hydrate during fall. Drinking plenty of water will boost the immune system. It is ideal to drink 8-12 cups of water in any season. Make sure to drink more if you are exercising, as sweating reduces body hydration. Keep a bottle full of water handy so that you remember to take frequent sips.

Care for your skin

Skin care differs for each season. As the harsh temperature characteristic of the fall season can make your skin dry, consider using a moisturizer that suits your skin. Also, consider wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.

Prepare your home

Make sure your home is also ready for this season. Clean out the clutters and do some spring cleaning in this season. Check those batteries in your flashlights and whether heat sources are working.

Care for your teeth

Get regular dental checkups even during holidays. Control your Halloween candy cravings, as eating too many sweets can lead to dental cavities. Brush and floss daily to keep your teeth healthy this season.

Get outside

Enjoy the cooler temperature outside. Take your pet for a walk. Spending time outdoors is good for your physical and mental well-being. It can reduce stress levels and improve your mood. Chronic stress can impact your health badly.

Stay fit

Regular exercise is not only good for physical health, but also for managing stress, for weight loss or management and thus for overall well being. Make sure you get enough sleep as well. Also, consider strength training, yoga, and online workouts to stay active.

Benefit from vitamin D sources

As the amount of sunlight decreases in the fall, consider other food sources such as salmon, sardines, tuna, milk, orange juice and fortified cereals to get vitamin D. Vitamin D supplements can prevent deficiency to a great extent.


Celebrate A Healthy Halloween With Your Family


Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October every year to mark the eve of the Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. On this day, people, especially kids, wear costumes of monsters, ghosts and devils to scare away the harmful spirits. Kids go from door to door throughout their neighbourhood asking for treats with the phrase “trick or treat”. This is the day when kids get bags full of various candies and other goodies that are not very healthy for them.

It is important to understand that intake of too many candies can have negative effects. Candies are made with refined sugar and contain various colors, flavors, and additives which are not very healthy to consume. Popular treats that are usually given out are:

  • Candies, lollipops and chocolates: These contain refined sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, vegetable oils, unhealthy fats, dairy components, GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients, artificial flavors and colors, and additives.
  • Chips: These contain saturated and trans fats, acrylamide, high sodium, MSG (monosodium glutamate), artificial flavors, GMO ingredients, and additives.
  • Gum: Contains artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, and other additives.

All of the above-mentioned items are harmful for your health. These items may also have heavy metal contamination which is not good for children. This could lead to health issues such as:

  • Constipation
  • Increased infections
  • Unhealthy gut microbes
  • Weight gain
  • Suppressed immune function
  • Cholesterol
  • Problems with sleep, energy
  • Cavities and poor oral health
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Poor skin, and many other concerns

At present there are already so many health challenges that threaten kids. But this year, let us celebrate Halloween without harming our kids’ health. So, here are some tips that you can consider to ensure a healthy Halloween:

  • Go for healthier options: In this modern world, people are becoming more health conscious and so businesses are coming up with healthier alternatives for chocolates that do not contain refined sugars, colors, flavors, or preservatives. You can purchase healthier and less processed candies and chocolates that are wheat or gluten-free, dairy-free, trans-fat-free, soy-free, and peanut-free. You also have bars that have dried fruits and nuts, organic or allergy smart cookies, chips that are made of pure dehydrated apples, organic coconut chips etc.
  • Include nuts, seeds and dried fruits: Treats that have unprocessed whole plant food is much healthier than chocolates or chips. These unprocessed healthier options have high-nutrient density and do not have health risks. So, for this year consider using raisins, nuts, kale chips, almonds, cashew nuts, apple chips and so on.
  • Avoid processed food as treats: Instead of giving food treats you can consider giving treats that can help improve the child’s creativity. There are several toys or objects like Halloween-themed objects or film character objects available as gifts give children. Some examples are pencil set, fancy stickers, bookmarks, coloring books, reading books, small toys etc.

Don’t Forget to Follow Covid-19 Protocols

While it is important to take care of what children eat during Halloween, it is equally important to educate your children about maintaining social distance. Following are some tips that both elders and kids can follow to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus:

  • Outdoor costume party: Dress up and instruct your children to stay six feet apart at a small outdoor party, or wear a protective mask if it is a larger party.
  • Outdoor Halloween movie night: Arrange a small, outdoor gathering ensuring social distancing by spacing people at least six feet apart.
  • Grab-and-go trick-or-treating: Instead of giving out candy to each child as they come to the door, keep individually wrapped goodie bags at the end of the driveway or edge of a yard. This practice ensures social distancing. Make sure a bottle of hand sanitizer makes it to the table.
  • Outdoor haunted forests and cornfields: Outdoor haunted activities are safely possible when traffic flow is one-way, face coverings are worn and social distancing is enforced.
  • Pumpkin patches: Pick the great pumpkin from an outdoor patch and stay safely distanced from other groups. Use hand sanitizer before and after touching the pumpkins.

Both children and adults enjoy Halloween. But remember that holidays also bring safety risk. Therefore, taking the necessary safety measures is important. Following all the above-mentioned tips will help you enjoy a safe and healthy Halloween this year.

Best Tips To Maintain A Healthy Spine


Back pain is a common issue for many people largely resulting from a poor sitting posture, and strain on the back muscles and spinal ligaments. People tend to slouch and slump while standing, sitting or even when walking; some may experience muscle stiffness, and all this could contribute to the degradation of the health of the spine over time. It is important to keep your spine strong as it is vital to keep the entire body in alignment. The spine also houses the nervous system that is responsible for proper communication between the body and the brain. Therefore, taking care of your spine and maintaining its health is important. Following are some of the exercises you can follow to have a healthy spine.

  • Knee to chest stretch: Rest on your back and put both your heels on the floor, bending at the knees. The next step is to take both hands and put them behind one of your knees and bring it close to your chest. Repeat the same on the other leg.
  • Back flexion exercise: Lie on your back and pull both your knees up to your chest and push your head forward until you feel a gentle stretch. This will stretch the area from your lower back till your neck and strengthen your spine.
  • Ear to shoulder stretch: This can be done in a sitting or standing position. Bend your neck to the side, trying to touch your ear to your shoulder. But do not stretch too far, stop when you feel a gentle stretching.
  • Chin to chest stretch: This is similar to ear to shoulder stretch, and can be done while sitting or standing. Gently tilt your head forward until your chin touches your chest. This is a great stretch for anyone who works at a computer, as it can be performed throughout the day to alleviate neck strain.
  • Hip stretch: Stand with your feet wide apart and then take a half-step back with your right foot, bend your left knee and shift your weight to your right hip. Make sure to keep your right leg straight and reach down to your right leg until you feel a gentle stretch in your outer hip.

Other tips:

  • Use a medium to firm mattress: Use a mattress that is firm enough to support your spine. This helps you relax and rejuvenate. Old and soft mattresses can make your spine sag. A mattress with excellent support, and a good sleeping position can improve your spine health.
  • Keep your spine naturally aligned: If you sleep on your back, place a pillow beneath the knees to reduce stress on the lower back. If you sleep on your side, use a pillow between the knees to keep the hips balanced. Some people may use a neck pillow that supports the cervical spine. Experiment with a few different types of pillows to find out which one is more comfortable.
  • Use shoes that support your spine: Wearing the right type of shoe would support your spine and help body remain in alignment.
  • Exercise to strengthen your abs and back muscles: The core muscles situated in your lower back and abdomen should be strong and supple in order to support your spine and take the pressure off your lower back. But the truth is, most people rarely use the core muscles. It is important to tone the core muscles, and it also helps to reduce back pain.
  • Get a good back massage: Getting a good massage on your back once in a while helps to improve your spine health. It has therapeutic benefits like increasing blood flow, loosening tight muscles and connective tissues, and boosting feelings of relaxation. Make sure not to massage vigorously as it can cause damage to your back.

All the above-mentioned tips can help you maintain a healthy spine. Apart from all these tips, it is also important to maintain a good sitting posture to support the natural curve of your back.

Maintain Your Liposuction Results With Healthy Holiday Foods

Liposuction Results

The holiday season is coming up and with the wonderful feasts of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, you are likely to add a few pounds to your body. This holiday weight is a major issue for many, especially if you have had liposuction treatment. Fat removed via liposuction is likely to come back if you do not maintain your post-lipo weight. Following a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise is essential to maintain your liposuction results. If you allow the fat to come back, it will impact your body contouring outcomes. But it can be difficult to resist all those calorie-rich holiday treats. The good news is that you don’t have to starve yourself or skip these mouth-watering foods. Make sure to eat controlled portions. This will help you retain your liposuction results and also enjoy time with your family during holidays. Here are some useful tips to avoid gaining weight during the holidays.

  • Turkey: No Thanksgiving and Christmas is complete without turkey. Skinless white meat turkey that is low in fat and high in protein can help maintain your body contouring outcomes. Make sure to avoid the skin because it has fat and is high in calories.
  • Cranberry Sauce: Cranberry sauce is an excellent addition to any holiday meal. But canned cranberry sauce is high in sugar and calories. It is best to make your own cranberry sauce. You can control what goes in it and know exactly what you are eating. Home-made food is a healthier option.
  • Roasted Carrots: When it comes to vegetables, you can eat as much as you want without feeling guilty. Carrots are an excellent side dish for any holiday meal. You do not have to eat plain, raw carrots to be healthy. You can improve their flavor by cooking them in garlic, a little butter, and salt and pepper.
  • Dark Chocolate Strawberries: During the holidays, there will be plenty tempting but unhealthy desserts that you would love to indulge in. It is alright to eat desserts in moderate quantities, but it is best to stick to healthier options like dark chocolate. Dark chocolate with strawberries is a delicious and relatively healthy treat. Dark chocolate helps to improve brain function, minimize the chances of heart disease, and reduces inflammation
  • Portion Control: During the holiday season, you do not have to eliminate your favorite foods from your diet. You can enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie or some mashed potatoes with your meal. You should be able to enjoy the foods you look forward to, but it is important to eat these in moderation to avoid weight gain that can damage your liposuction results.

Other Tips:

  • Don’ Skip a Meal: Skipping a meal, especially breakfast, is not a good idea. This is the first meal of the day and can help curb your appetite throughout the rest of the day.
  • Eat Small Meals More Often: Instead of having one large meal, try to eat smaller meals during the day. This will help you to retain a high level of energy and stave off hunger pangs.
  • Drink Water: Drink plenty of water. Based on your weight and body size, it is important to take at least eight 8oz glasses of water per day as it will help you maintain a healthy metabolism and digestion as well.
  • Moderate Sugar Intake: Avoid eating too many sugary treats and foods. Moderation is the key.
  • Exercise: It is quite natural to feel a little laid back during the holidays, but try not to skip your exercise routine. Exercising regularly will help you stay fit and healthy and retain your newly acquired body contour.

Following these tips can help you retain your liposuction results as you enjoy your holidays.

October 10 Is World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

Every year, October 10 is observed as World Mental Health Day. The overall objective of this observance is to raise awareness about mental health issues around the world and to activate efforts in support of mental health. It’s very important to pay as much attention to your mental wellbeing as your physical health, especially during the pandemic. The theme for this year is “Mental Health Care For All: Let’s Make It A Reality.”

World Mental Health Day was launched in 1992. Initiated by the World Federation for Mental Health, a global mental health organization with members and contacts in more than 150 countries, the aim of this observance was to promote global mental health education, awareness, and support against social stigma. Each year thousands of supporters join to celebrate this annual awareness program to bring attention to mental illness and its effects on peoples’ lives worldwide.

This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the focus would be on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health. As WHO points out: “During the pandemic, some groups including health and other frontline workers, students, people living alone, and those with pre-existing mental health conditions, have been majorly affected and services for mental, neurological and substance use disorders have been significantly disrupted”. The need to scale up quality mental health services at all levels was recognized by governments from around the world during the World Health Assembly held in May 2021.

Though life is returning to some sort of normalcy in some countries, the rate of transmission and hospital admissions remain high in others. What’s appreciable is that some countries have found new ways of providing mental health care to their populations and this year, WHO will showcase the efforts made in some of these countries. This is expected to encourage other countries to highlight positive stories as part of their own activities.

Here are some valuable tips for preserving mental health:

  • As the body and the mind are connected, taking proper care of your body will promote mental well-being too.
  • As sleep has a huge effect on mental health, make sure to get a good night’s sleep. This will help you better cope with stress, handle problems, concentrate, think positively, and remember things.
  • Build good relationships, spend quality time with your near and dear, and learn from each other.
  • Choose friends who have interests similar to you, and respect and appreciate who you are, and make you feel happy.
  • Talk about your feelings when you are troubled. This can help you stay in good mental health and deal with the situation.
  • Just like the other organs in your body, your brain needs the right nutrients in order to stay healthy and function well. So eat healthy.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol when you’re feeling low. Drinking is not a good way to manage difficult feelings.
  • Practice healthy thinking and build the ability to deal with problems.
  • Don’t let your weaknesses beat you. Identify and utilize your strengths as needed.
  • Stay active and positive.
  • To beat mental stress, engage in activities that you enjoy or you’re good at it. Achieving something will boost your self-esteem.
  • Focus on what you are grateful for.

Participate in the World Mental Health Day campaign – visit https://www.who.int/campaigns/world-mental-health-day/2021/campaign-materials to know what you can do.

Campaign Slogan

Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality



Best Tips To Stay Healthy During Holidays


During holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, we overindulge in magnificent feasts and compromise on staying fit and healthy. By the time the holidays get over, we step into the New Year feeling bloated and out of shape. Staying fit during the holiday season is a challenge. But you can effectively meet this challenge. The following are a few effective tips that will help you maintain your health during your holidays.

  • Fix a Time for Workout: It is always best to set a schedule for your daily workout just as you would schedule time for a meeting at work or holiday shopping. You are more likely to do your exercise if you make time on your calendar for exercise. Make sure to review your week ahead and figure out the most practical times to exercise, like in the morning before the day gets away from you or in the evening.
  • Look for Creative Ways to be Active: There are several ways to fit fitness into your daily routine. For example, when you go holiday shopping, park your car a bit farther away from the mall so you’re forced to walk more, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or take a walk with your family to look at the lights. Bringing physical activity into your holiday traditions will help you to stay fit.
  • Do Some Activity Instead of Sitting Idle: If you do not have the time to exercise during holidays, then do not skip exercising altogether. Incorporate at least 10 minutes of physical activity a day. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to stay fit.
  • Eat Sensibly and Keep Yourself Hydrated: Holiday season is the time for scrumptious meals. You don’t have to abstain completely from your favourite seasonal treats. Make sure to eat your favorite food item in small portions size. Include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Keep yourself hydrated, especially if you are taking alcohol. Alcohol is a diet-killer, so choose your beverage wisely. Champagne is a good choice as it has 80 calories a glass.
  • Sleep Well: People tend to sleep late due to partying and late night events etc. This can affect your sleep schedule as well as your health. Getting enough sleep and rest is essential to stay healthy and organized.
  • Participate in Seasonal Activities: Activities like skating, sledding etc can burn a lot of calories. You can burn 420 to 1000 calories per hours.
  • Try to Work Out in the Company of Another Person: Working out especially during winter is very hard. If you do not like working out alone, get a friend. This will help you to stay motivated and you can stick to your regular workout schedule.
  • Set Goals and Track your Progress: With advanced technologies, you have new devices to monitor your health such as fitness trackers and calorie counters, and so, keeping track of your progress is easier than ever. Setting goals and challenges, along with a reward system, will hold you accountable and ensure your fitness success.

Following these tips religiously will help you to stay fit through your holidays and begin your New Year feeling healthy and confident.

Now, if you are looking to get rid of that few extra pounds on your body that have remained stubborn in spite of diets and workouts, the holidays are an ideal time to consider CoolSculpting. It is a non-invasive technique that gently freezes the fat cells, causing your body to slough them off without harming the overlying skin or surrounding tissues. Once the cells are gone, they can no longer store fat in your trouble areas, making your fitness efforts far more effective during the holidays and all the year round. It helps to enhance collagen production, and tightening and firming the muscles most resistant to change through diet and exercise alone.