Types of Breast Cancer and Their Symptoms

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease that occurs due to uncontrolled breast cell division. According to breastcancer.org, on average, a woman has 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer over an 80-year old lifespan On the other hand, 7 in 8 women have no chance of developing breast cancer …More

12 Natural Ways to Prevent Premature Aging of Your Skin

Premature Aging

Many people look older than they really are. With today’s hectic lifestyles, we really don’t get time to take care of our skin even if we want to. The environment and lifestyle habits can cause premature aging. To maintain the skin’s youthful appearance and prevent premature aging …More

Get a Beach-ready Body with a Nutritious, Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

Having a beach-ready body is everyone’s desire and to achieve this body you have to follow a good nutritious diet. Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet along with physical activity can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight and reduce …More

Exercise at home to stay fit this summer


Regular exercise helps you stay fit, maintain a healthy body weight, lower the risk of many diseases, and maintain a safe body temperature. With the ongoing the public health emergency, exercising outdoors is challenging during this pandemic. Gyms and fitness studios are also closed …More