VECTRA 3D Imaging

Every individual considering a plastic surgery procedure will be concerned about the final results and curious to know how the procedure could change their appearance. Committed to personalized care and support, bodySCULPT® plastic surgeons use the latest VECTRA 3D Imaging technology to help patients preview potential results before their procedure.

The VECTRA® imaging system combines three-dimensional photography with revolutionary computer software to allow you to preview what you will look like after breast augmentation, facial procedures and other body contouring cosmetic treatments.

VECTRA 3D Consultation – Visualize Your New Image in 3D

With this advanced technology, our surgeons strive to turn your vision into reality. During the consultation, we use VECTRA 3D technology to simulate results for a broad range of body and facial contouring procedures including –

This advanced 3D computer imaging system can:

  • Improve consultation experience
  • Simulate your surgical outcome and improve confidence
  • Help surgeons provide complete education on the concerned procedure
  • Help you and the surgeon create a customized treatment plan
  • Ensure clear communication between the surgeon and the patient

How it Works

Using multiple cameras, the VECTRA 3D takes a number of pictures simultaneously at different angles. With the SculptorTM software the surgeon then creates a computer-generated 3D model of the patient’s face, breast or body. The 3D model can be completely customized and viewed from a wide range of angles. Specific adjustments are made to simulate the actual results that can be achieved through cosmetic surgery procedures. Once you are satisfied with the result, your surgeon will develop a surgical plan based on the changes you have made.

Schedule Your Consultation

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