Axis Three 3D Simulation Technology

Are you nervous about the results of your plastic surgery procedures? At bodySCULPT®, our plastic surgeons put you at ease with the use of advanced surgical simulation technology from Axis Three which allow you to see how you will look post-surgery. The Axis Three 3D Surgical Simulation Platforms – XS-200, XS-300 and XS-400 – we use combine scientifically proven, Tissue Behavior Simulation (TBS™) engine with patented Color Coded Triangulation (CCT™), 3D imaging technology to deliver unprecedented patient confidence.

Visualize Your Results before Surgery

Whether you are considering procedures for breast, face or body contouring, we can help you visualize the results of your procedure prior to the surgery. These precise, easy-to-use, 3D simulation tools generate anatomically accurate images using the patient’s own body characteristics. The use of this simulation technology allows us to

  • Enhance the aesthetic consultation experience
  • Increase patient confidence
  • Maximize satisfaction post-surgery

Axis Three XS-200

This simulation tool is designed to simulate surgery outcomes for facial cosmetic surgery procedures including face lift,  chin implants, neck lift and cheek augmentation. Combined with AxisThree’s face module software package, XS-200 enables surgeons to capture high quality, anatomically-accurate, 3D images of a patient’s face in order to simulate facial surgery outcomes. Anatomically precise models are generated in seconds, using Color Coded Triangulation (CCT™), a patented Siemens and Axis Three technology.

Advanced features include:

  • Fine tuning tools to adjust area of the face with precision to show subtle or dramatic differences
  • Comparison views to show six different simulations simultaneously
  • Free form measurements for quick and accurate point to point measurements
  • Pen/annotation tools to draw directly on to the patient’s 3D image

Axis Three XS-300

This simulation technology provides a simple, intuitive way to show patients what they will look like after their breast surgery – breast augmentation, reduction and reconstruction. This platform helps to select different implant sizes and women can see how they would look with bigger, smaller or perkier breasts in 3D model. Its simulation software is:

  • Intuitive
  • Straightforward
  • Easy to navigate

Axis Three XS-400

Designed to address breast, face and body procedures, XS-400 is the only 3D scanner with 4 imaging positions to capture every contour of a patient’s face or body. Comparison views in this turnkey 3D simulation platform provide as many as six different simulations at one time, on one screen, enabling patients to point out subtle differences in volume or position.

Other features include:

  • 4 imaging heads utilizing 48MP of data to enable unparalleled detail of any part of the patient’s body or face
  • Tissue Behavior Simulation (TBS™) to show patients how actual tissue reacts to surgical procedures
  • Simulation refinement tools for breast surgery to make adjustments such as correct nipple placement and adjust the upper or lower pole
  • Full range of implant catalogs to select and demonstrate differences quickly and effectively

To know more about how the advanced Axis Three 3D simulation tools can enhance your aesthetic consultation experience, dial 1-800-282-7285 or send an email to