Common Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures – Here Are Some Facts to Know

Cosmetic Breast SurgeryFull and beautifully contoured breasts are a great asset for women, and many women with small, flat or asymmetric breasts want to improve the appearance of their breasts. Breast augmentation possibilities are therefore a great boon to these women. On the other end, overly large breasts are also a major aesthetic concern for women. For them, breast reduction surgery is the ideal option. Understanding the increase in demand for these cosmetic procedures, select plastic surgery practices in NYC offer personalized cosmetic breast surgery procedures. If you are having any of the above mentioned concerns, consulting a qualified surgeon specialized in breast surgery is the best thing you can do. He/she would study your concerns and expectations to advise the optimal procedure that help you meet your goals.

A good surgeon would always be ready to answer any of your queries related to the procedure of your choice so that you can take an informed decision. Still, getting a rough idea about the procedure before consulting the surgeon will be good so that you can prepare related questions and get them clarified during the consultation. So here are some facts to know about the most popular cosmetic breast surgery procedures.

  • Breast implant surgery – The procedure uses implants to augment the breasts. The most popular choices include FDA-approved saline, silicone gel, gummy bear and IDEAL implants. The surgeon could help you choose from smooth or textured models from a variety of shapes and sizes. Most augmentation approaches are compatible with breastfeeding. A good surgeon can hide the scars in the body’s natural creases and these will fade over time. No breast implants have a lifetime guarantee and will have to be replaced in 10 to 15 years. After the surgery, patients can resume normal activities in some weeks. Mammograms are possible with implants but be sure to inform your technician that you had implants.
  • Breast lift surgery – The procedure can address sagging breasts and restore the nipples to a higher and better position. The surgery has nothing to do with your bra size but gives an overall lift to its appearance. Just like augmentation, the scars fade over time. You can have attractive results for small as well as large breasts but the results last more for smaller ones. There are a range of incision patterns and techniques for the procedure and the surgeon would advise the one most suitable for you. Breast feeding after a breast lift is possible in most cases. You can resume normal activities in a few days. The procedure can be combined with implants for better results.
  • Breast reduction – It reduces the size of overly large breasts and brings it to a size proportionate to your body profile. More than just reducing the size, an effective treatment can reshape the breasts. The procedure not only improves the appearance of the breasts, but also reduces the associated back pain and other physical discomforts thus improving the quality of your life. Breast feeding is possible in cases where the nipples are not removed. The procedure can be covered under health insurance if you could convince the medical reasons. You can resume your normal activities in a week or two.

There are established practices that offer a range of cosmetic breast surgery solutions in NYC. Schedule a consultation with the right surgeon, bear these facts in mind, get all your queries answered and take a good final decision.

Latest ASPS Statistics reveal Growing Demand for Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic ProceduresPlastic surgeons in New York City report an influx of patients seeking cosmetic procedures. Official statistics now confirm this. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has released its annual report on cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. in 2015. The data reveals the changing trends in the cosmetic surgery world and the shift in the types of procedures that men and women have chosen since the start of the new millennium. According to the report, a total of 15.9 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the country last year. The report indicates that the number of procedures performed increased by 2 percent over 2014.

Here is a summary report on the trends based on the ASPS press release:

  • Overall demand for procedures has risen by 115 percent since the year 2000 and the type of procedures that patients are opting for has changed.
  • All types of lifts – breast lifts, buttock lifts, lower body lifts and upper arm lifts – show a significant increase throughout these years.
  • While there was substantial growth in popularity of upper arm lifts and lower body lifts last year, facelift surgery lost its position in the top 5 spot.
  • A total of 1.7 million cosmetic surgical procedures were performed in 2015. The top five procedures were breast augmentation, liposuction, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, and tummy tuck.
  • About 14.2 million cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures were performed last year and the top 5 were Botulinum Toxin Type A, soft tissue fillers, chemical peel, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion.
  • Procedures that focus on derriere enhancement showed considerable improvement last year, and the top procedures were buttock augmentation with fat grafting (up 28 percent from 2014), buttock lift (up 36 percent from 2014) and buttock implants (up 36 percent from 2014).
  • Of the 68,106 breast reduction surgeries performed in 2015, more than 40 percent were performed on men, which is the highest proportion recorded so far.
Procedures Number of Procedures Performed in 2015 Increase from 2014 Increase from 2000
Breast augmentation 279,143 – 2 31
Liposuction 222,051 5% -37
Nose reshaping 217,979 0 -44
Eyelid surgery 203,934 – 1 -38
Tummy tuck 127,967 9 104
Botulinum Toxin Type A 6.7 million 1 759
Soft tissue fillers 2.4 million 6 274
Chemical Peel 1.3 million 5 14
Laser hair removal 1.1 million 0 52
Microdermabrasion 800,340 – 9 8

Commenting on these trends, ASPS President David H. Song said, “While more traditional facial procedures and breast augmentations are still among the most popular, we’re seeing much more diversity in the areas of the body patients are choosing to address. Patients have more options than ever, and working closely with their surgeon, they’re able to focus on specific target areas of the body to achieve the look they desire.”

Dr. Song also noted that the rising popularity of minimally invasive procedures among a broader range of patients could be due to the number of available providers, lower costs and the less-invasive nature of these procedures.

Survey Reveals Cosmetic Surgery Goals of Older Americans

Cosmetic SurgeryIt’s no secret that an increasing numbers of older Americans are seeking cosmetic surgery. Many surveys have been conducted to understand their concerns about aging such as health, experience in the workplace, social relationships and so on. A recent poll of 2000 Americans that reported on found that 90% of older women seek cosmetic procedures because they were under pressure to maintain a youthful appearance. The findings of the survey helped plastic surgeons understand the aspirations of this patient segment – which is crucial to help them achieve their goals.

The survey showed that both men and women were concerned that aging would detract from their looks, and men said that it would affect their career. Most people made efforts to stay healthy with fitness programs, a healthy diet and measures to reduce stress and felt younger than they actually were. This made them want to look younger too.

The main findings of the survey are as follows:

  • Women consider 30 the age that they looked best and men felt that their best-looking age range was 34.
  • About 42 percent of the women polled said they would consider injections or surgery for cosmetic reasons. Only 18 percent of the male respondents reported they would choose to have these procedures.
  • About 5% of the respondents had had a cosmetic surgery or injections to restore their youthful looks.
  • When women are more likely to have facial rejuvenation procedures, the interest in this among men is also growing.
  • While lower limited facelift surgery, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and liposuction are among the most sought-after cosmetic procedures among women, for men, it was mostly eyelid surgery and liposuction to resolve love handles.

The fact that cosmetic surgical practices are seeing an inflow of older patients indicates as the survey points out, that aging is indeed an emotional touch point for both men and women it comes to physical appearance.

Older adults often hesitate to have cosmetic surgery for fear of complications. A study recently published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal which aimed to determine the incidence of postoperative complications in elderly cosmetic surgery patients (age 65 and older) allays these fears. The researchers reported that cosmetic procedures in this segment, including octogenarians, are safe and have an acceptable complication rate compared to younger patients.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Manhattan for Rounded, Attractive Buttocks

Brazilian Butt LiftRounded and firm youthful-looking buttocks are the in-thing now, with a number of women undergoing or planning to undergo Brazilian butt lift in New York City. This procedure provides a curved and firm derriere that enhances your overall appearance. It is a natural way of buttocks enhancement that uses one’s own body fat to increase the volume of the buttocks. For those who are not blessed with this asset naturally, fat transfer buttock NYC is the apt procedure.

Brazilian butt lift in Manhattan plastic surgery facilities involves butt enhancement with a combination of liposuction and fat grafting. It is a non-surgical procedure and involves very less risk. First, the patient undergoes liposuction through which excess fat from areas like lower back, hips, and flanks is extracted. The extracted fat is then purified and injected back into the buttocks to make them look fuller. It is a natural procedure for enhancement and that too with minimal downtime. The main highlight of this procedure is that it contours the donor areas while improving the appearance of the buttocks.

Experienced plastic surgeons ensure proper placement of fat using advanced diagnostic imaging modalities. With the help of the unique diagnostic imaging equipment TouchView Ultrasound Transducer, the surgeons can accurately inject fat into the desired area during the buttock augmentation surgery. This system is designed to work in the top 4cm to 6cm of tissue from the dermis down to the superficial and deep fat layers. The probe assures exact measurements and is very lightweight and sensitive. It allows the surgeons to know what quantity of fat is injected into the body and also helps them to see where the fat is being injected.

This procedure provides beautifully contoured buttocks. If you have a flat derriere and wish to increase its size, consult an experienced plastic surgeon who can assure safety and efficiency in the procedure. Anybody who is near their ideal weight and does not have any medical condition that could cause complications can undergo this cosmetic surgery. Make sure that the procedure is performed in an accredited plastic surgery facility equipped with advanced technology and caring and experienced clinical staff.

What All to Consider When Preparing for Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck SurgeryTummy tuck surgery in NYC is a cosmetic procedure provided at plastic surgery facilities that offer the services of skilled and experienced plastic surgeons. It provides men and women with their desired flat and trim abdomen. The procedure addresses the sagging and loose abdomen and tightens the muscles to provide a trim, firm midsection. The treatment is personalized in keeping with the specific requirements of the candidate. Just as choosing the right surgeon and the plastic surgery practice, and being the right candidate, preparing well for the procedure also matters a great deal if you are to experience optimal results and have a safe and relaxed treatment experience. Let us see what all to consider when preparing for a tummy tuck surgery.

You should have a thorough understanding of the abdominoplasty procedure such as what is involved, what to expect and other relevant details from the plastic surgeon during the initial consultation and follow his/her instructions closely. This is important to experience the best possible results and a comfortable recovery period.

  • Get all lab testing and medical evaluation done before proceeding with the treatment.
  • Importantly, all medications you take during the weeks before the surgery should be with the consent of the surgeon. Considering your medical history and its impact on the procedure, your surgeon may suggest some modifications in the way you handle your medication.
  • Ask your surgeon about the activities you can involve in before and after the procedure. This includes indoor and outdoor activities as well as your regular exercise regimen.
  • As habits such as smoking can increase your risk for complications and healing problems, it is recommended to keep away from such habits for at least two weeks before and after the treatment.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet and keep yourself healthy to avoid the possibilities of any illness that may spoil the plan.
  • Another important thing is to make your home recovery ready, which is necessary to pass the phase with comfort and ease. Keep the place clean and store the food and other necessary items for the period. Keep everything in place so that it is handy for you. Having someone to help around would be great during your recovery.
  • Get ready with comfortable clothing to wear during the period and also have some magazines and similar stuffs ready to keep you engaged during the period.

Choose the right plastic surgeon in NYC to perform your tummy tuck surgery and ensure that the procedure is performed at an AAAASF-accredited practice. Established plastic surgery practices use only advanced techniques such as Smartlipo Triplex, BodyTite and VASERlipo that blend safety with efficiency. A reliable surgeon would provide appropriate follow-up consultations if necessary, and instruct you on the right lifestyle to follow to maintain the good results.

How Weight Loss Affects Brazilian Butt Lift Results

Brazilian Butt LiftAs with any cosmetic surgical procedure, maintaining the results of a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) would depend keeping your weight stable after the treatment. The best place to have the procedure is in Manhattan where you easily find plastic surgeons in this innovative procedure. The treatment involves taking fat from other areas of the body and injecting select, purified fat cells into the buttocks to improve size and shape.

Women who want curvaceous buttocks often find that even strenuous exercise cannot provide the desired outcome. That’s where cosmetic surgery can help. BBL is the ideal option for women who want to avoid implants and have fat to spare for transfer to the buttocks. Whether you have a flat butt or a sagging butt, or are unhappy about its shape and size, this natural fat transfer procedure can help. When performed by an experienced NYC plastic surgeon, you can expect to achieve a rounder, firmer and attractive derriere proportionate to your overall physique. Results would be natural looking as your own fat is used for the enhancement.

One question that patients ask their surgeon is whether weight loss or gain after the treatment would affect the results. The answer is yes. Maintaining a stable weight post procedure is necessary for results to last. Considerable changes in weight would alter butt contour. Experts in Brazilian butt augmentation say that this is because of the way fat behaves after BBL.

Once the injected fat has achieved blood supply and becomes viable or alive after a year, the results would last for many years. The transferred fat would act just like other fat cells in the body. If you happen to lose weight, the effects would be spread throughout your body, affecting the transferred fat too and causing the cells there to shrink. As the buttocks lose volume due weight loss, it would affect BBL outcomes.

On the other hand, weight gain will make all the fat cells in the body expand, including the transferred fat cells. This happens as the calories turn into fat that is stored in the cells. This clearly means you can expect that your derriere would gain volume with weight gain. So if you have experienced weight loss after BBL and want to restore the results, you need to gain weight carefully. This can help restore the attractive derriere you achieved through the procedure.

If you are considering Brazilian butt augmentation in Manhattan, choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice with surgeons who are experts in the treatment.

What to Consider When Planning a Plastic Surgery Procedure during the Flu Season

Plastic Surgery ProcedureBreast augmentation, facelift, liposuction and coolsculpting are among the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in NYC. The time you schedule your long awaited plastic surgery procedure may happen to coincide with the flu season. Unfortunately, the flu and common cold can have an impact on the scheduled procedures and so those considering any procedure during the period may have related concerns.

Here we consider some of the most common concerns and the best possible solutions.

  • One of the common questions is whether to cancel the procedure if you catch a cold. Generally speaking, it is advisable to reschedule it to a later period. If you presently have cold, the chances of postoperative complications are more and a smooth recovery may be tough. However, you can discuss your case individually with your surgeon and make a better decision.
  • You may be worried if any of your family members have flu. You don’t need to reschedule the procedure just because your family member suffers from the illness. If you don’t have any symptoms, check with your surgeon and go forward with the treatment. However, you should be careful to minimize your contact with the sick family member post operatively.
  • Another thing is whether the practice would charge a cancellation fee in case you reschedule the treatment. This actually depends on the practice you approached for the treatment. An established practice would always give importance to the patient’s health and well-being rather than the financial aspects.
  • There can be cases when you get the infection after you schedule the procedure. In this case your recovery may not be that pleasant as expected. When you have procedures involving muscles such as breast augmentation, the coughing would make the recovery phase hard. You may take medications to improve the condition. The surgeon will recommend the best option depending on your actual condition.
  • Some people worry whether having a plastic surgery procedure during the season increases their chances of getting the flu. However, having a procedure does not change your susceptibility to the flu or cold in any way.

The best thing you can do is to prevent the chances of getting infected from the seasonal illness. For that you have to be careful enough to keep yourself clean all the time and minimize exposure to affected people. Get good sleep and eat a well balanced diet and keep yourself healthy. Once your procedure is scheduled, the best idea is to take extra precautions in whatever you do to make the phase comfortable.

Get the service of a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon in NYC for your desired cosmetic procedure. Benefit from a good consultation experience and discuss all your concerns with the surgeon. Obtain relevant advice to have a safe and relaxed treatment experience.

Brazilian Butt Lift NYC – Get an Attractive Derriere Naturally

Brazilian Butt Lift NYCWomen looking to avoid implant related complications when shaping up the derriere can benefit from advanced Brazilian Butt Lift NYC that uses the candidate’s own excess fat from other areas for the procedure. This cosmetic procedure that is performed under local anesthesia gives all the comforts of a minimally invasive solution and offers an attractive posterior with a natural look and feel. Whether you want to shape up the buttocks after pregnancy or weight loss, correct proportional imbalances, augment a flat derriere or simply improve the contour of the buttocks, this advanced buttock augmentation surgery can be the right choice.

Not all individuals are the right candidates for the procedure. You should have extra fat to spare from other areas of the body and be healthy with no serious medical conditions. Most importantly, you must maintain realistic expectations. Brazilian Butt Lift under Local Anesthesia (BBLULA) offers a number of advantages such as minimal chances of infection, safe and speedy recovery, and most importantly contouring of the donor site. At established practices offering Brazilian butt augmentation, FDA-approved techniques such as Smartlipo Triplex, VASERLipo and BodyTite are used to extract fat. The procedure using VASERLipo is widely accepted as the technique maintains the viability of the fat for the procedure. This technology breaks up fat selectively, while preserving other structures such as blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue.

Brazilian Butt Lift NYC is a simple procedure that involves harvesting fat carefully from areas with surplus fat; purifying and processing it and later transferring it to the buttocks to improve the contour after numbing the area using local anesthesia. At established plastic surgery practices, skilled plastic surgeons with excellent experience perform this minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. Only the right surgeon knows the right equation of adding and removing fat for attractive results. The plastic surgeon may perform liposuction of the waist and surrounding areas to frame the buttocks better.

A fair amount of fat in the order of some hundred CCs or even more per buttock may be needed. According to experts, all injected fat cells may not survive and experienced surgeons have the practice of slightly ‘over filling’ the fat by a certain percentage to compensate for the loss. Even when small enhancements need only local anesthesia, larger areas and more volume of fat transfer needs general anesthesia and may be done in stages.

Make sure to choose the right Brazilian Butt Lift surgeon who can offer you safe and personalized solutions.

For a clear understanding about the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, listen to this podcast by Dr Chia, a board certified plastic surgeon at bodySCULPT in Manhattan, NYC.

ASDS Survey Captures Consumer Feedback on Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic ProceduresMany physicians use social media to interact more effectively with patients and the general public. And just like any other business, they use feedback from surveys to understand the consumer mindset so that they can communicate more effectively with them online. A recent survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) that covered 7,300 consumers effectively captured their thoughts about cosmetic procedures. Such information is extremely useful for plastic surgeons to develop timely and relevant content for people seeking information online.

The results of the ASDS survey were released in August 2015 and the highlights as reported by Cosmetic Surgery Times are follows:

  • Five in 10 of the people surveyed said they were considering some kind of cosmetic procedure.
  • When selecting a practitioner, consumers’ prime considerations are the specialty in which the practitioner is board-certified and cost of the treatment.
  • Up to 66% of the respondents reported most preferred procedures as ultrasound, light, radiofrequency and laser treatments for skin tightening and wrinkles.
  • Laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, and laser and light treatments for redness, tone and scarring were among the other popular choices.
  • While about 88% reported excessive weight as their major concern, 72% said they were bothered by skin texture and discoloration.
  • Forehead lines and wrinkles, glabellar lines, crow’s feet, mid-face and cheek area lines and wrinkles, sagging facial skin and excess fat around the neck were major aesthetic concerns for more than half of the respondents.
  • The desire to look young, appear more attractive and feel more confident was among the three top reasons for choosing to have cosmetic procedures.

For plastic surgeons, the information that half of those surveyed said they are considering cosmetic procedures is extremely useful. Conveying this information via social media will go a long way in increasing people’s confidence to go in for cosmetic surgery.

However, the Cosmetic Surgery Times report mentions that a marketing expert finds it disconcerting that 45% of the respondents mention cost as a prime consideration when selecting a provider. This seems to indicate that cosmetic procedures have become commoditized. Doctors can change this using social media to educate patients about the need to consider the reliability of the provider and their own safety over cost. According to the expert, cosmetic surgeons can eliminate price as a determining factor by effectively communicating their credibility, experience and trustworthiness via social media.

Important Points to Consider before Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic SurgeryMore and more men and women are turning to cosmetic surgeons to improve their appearance and boost their self-confidence. While younger people have cosmetic procedures to enhance their looks by modifying a feature or reshaping the body, older adults generally seek to rejuvenate their looks by addressing the signs of aging. Having the right perspective before you decide to have a procedure is important as cosmetic surgery is not for everyone. Yes, a cosmetic surgical procedure can improve your appearance provided you are the right candidate for it. Knowing what to consider before having cosmetic surgery is important to as the results are irreversible. Going by the following considerations will help you take an informed decision.

  • First, think about your reasons for wanting to have the procedure. Cosmetic surgery can change your appearance and this can be disconcerting if the results are not what you expect. You cannot undo the outcome. If you are satisfied with the way your body looks or your features, but want to look better, see if there are other way through which you can achieve this – such as making lifestyle changes with diet and exercise or changing the way you dress or wear makeup. Going in for a procedure is feasible when these options fail to achieve the desired results.
  • Is the decision your own? Plastic surgeons carefully evaluate patients to make sure that the decision is their own. You should not be considering the procedure because somebody else wants you to have it.
  • Make sure that your expectations are realistic, or else you will be disappointed with the outcome. Don’t expect a complete transformation of your body and don’t try to mimic somebody else. Discuss your goals and expectations with a reliable plastic surgeon to know if they are realistic.
  • You should be fully aware of the risks involved in the procedure you are considering. All cosmetic surgical procedures involve some risk of complications such as bleeding or infection at the treatment site, which can leave you dissatisfied, anxious and worried.
  • Know about the expenses involved. Most of the cosmetic procedures are elective and not covered by insurance, unless there are serious medical reasons involved. If you do decide to go ahead, check out whether the plastic surgery practice offers any financial options for patients.
  • Understand that these will be some recovery time involved. Invasive procedures can have a recovery period of weeks to months. On the other hand, with minimally invasive treatments the recovery period would be just a few days and with non-invasive procedures, there could be virtually no downtime. Knowing about the recovery period can help keep you mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to face it.

Importance of Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

There are innumerable plastic surgeons and plastic surgery practices in every locality across the U.S., which can make choosing a provider a very challenging task. The right way to go about it is to browse the web and evaluate the surgeons and surgical practices in your area. For instance, if you live in Manhattan, make a list of the leading practices in the locality. Check out their websites to see if they offer the procedure you want. Choose a plastic surgeon in Manhattan with extensive experience in the concerned treatment. Ask relevant questions at the initial consultation to learn if you are in the right hands. You should be comfortable discussing your concerns with the expert. A reliable surgeon would be ready to answer your queries, and would evaluate your candidature and your goals and help you take an informed decision.