Breast Augmentation – Question and Answer

smmashuque | Jharkhand | 21 days ago

I dont want implants. I may opt for fat transfer but i am a bit scared of it. Want to know more about medicines or other options for breast enhancement. Details of Fat transfer s also welcome. I recently got married. Please help

Doctors Answer
June 16th, 2015

Without implants, the only other option for breast augmentation is with transferring fat from where you don’t want it to the breasts. You will have the dual benefit of slimming down an area that is larger than you want and increasing the breast size. The variables that are not in the surgeon’s control include how much fat you can harvest (how much fat you have to begin with) and how much or what percentage of the fat will ‘take’ and stay for the long term. In general, because fat cells are fragile, the surgeon will overfill or put about twice the amount of fat into the recipient area in order to compensate for the fat cells that do not survive. The surgeon also may utilize a device called the Brava which applies suction to the breasts for a few weeks before surgery. The goal of this device is to increase the amount of fat that will survive over the long term. Congratulations on your recent wedding and good luck.

PixieDust_2015 | OH | 5 months ago

Will I have good results with augmentation alone? What profile implant, size, placement do you suggest? I am 5’3 currently 159 pounds (planning on loosing 20-30 more) 600cc Mod Plus Saline Implants have been discussed, will this help me fill out the upper portion that has lost all the volume from breastfeeding?

Doctors Answer
February 16th, 2015

Many factors go into deciding whether an augmentation alone or an implant with a breast lift (mastopexy) is required and can only be assessed with an in person consultation. That being said, your photos and your planned weight loss suggest that the skin needs to be addressed to get the results you want. Nipple position centered on the breast mound and recreating the upper pole (top half) fullness are what we look for in enhancing the breast aesthetic. Talk to your surgeon about your options and best of luck.