Nose Surgery – Question and Answer

irsi | Los Angeles, CA | 4 months ago

I am an Asian patient. I like my radix but my bridge is generally very wide and widens at the end. Surgeons keep suggesting I get osteotomies to narrow my nasal bones if I want a narrower tip. Is that something that needs to be done, in addition to augementation? What are the risks of osteotomies? Is there a possibility they could actually make my tip appear more bulbous without modifications, much like altering a hump can make a nasal tip become wider?

Doctors Answer
March 17th, 2015

While unable to give specifics to your case, osteotomies in Asian patients are performed (as in any rhinoplasty patient) to address the bony portion of the nose and only affects that part of the width. The tip is not directly changed by this. Often, the nasal tip cartilages are treated to create a narrower profile with more definition but requires other factors such as the proper angle the tip has with the rest of the nose and face. Please consult a qualified surgeon for an in person consult.