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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Report: Demand for Male Lipo will Propel Body Contouring Market to $1.1 Billion by 2022

Male Lipo

According to a recent report from leading research and consulting firm GlobalData, the demand for male liposuction will propel the value of the global body contouring market to 1.1 $billion by 2022. The report says that this growth will be seen across the 15 major markets (15MM) of the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the …Read More about Male Lipo

Pectoral Implants for Men – Procedure and Benefits

Pectoral Implants for Men

Have hours at the gym failed to provide you with the muscular chest you desire? You are not alone – many men find that even rigorous workouts cannot help them achieve the desired definition and muscularity in the chest area. Pectoral implants for men provide the answer. Leading practice surgery practices in Manhattan, NYC are …Read More about Pectoral Implants for Men

Benefits of Breast Augmentation with Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation

If you are considering breast augmentation in NYC, you should know about the various choices that are available. In addition to traditional options such as saline and silicone gel implants, there are the gummy bear breast implants. These highly-cohesive, form stable silicone gel implants overcome many of the problems faced by women with the conventional …Read More about Breast Augmentation

ISAPS Report: Brazilians Underwent Maximum Number of BBL Surgery Procedures Last Year

BBL Surgery

Brazilian butt lift surgery has been showing a steady increase in popularity ever since it was introduced – this recognition is a consequence of the many benefits it offers over the implants method. According to the international survey on aesthetic/cosmetic procedures performed in 2015 by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Brazilians underwent …Read More about BBL Surgery

Breast Lift in NYC – Learn More about Recovery

Breast Lift in NYC

Women looking to correct breast sagginess, nipples pointing downward or asymmetrical breasts can consider breast lift surgery offered in NYC plastic surgery practices. The procedure makes use of safe and advanced techniques to restore a firmer, perkier, and more pleasing shape to the breasts. Whether aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss caused you the concern …Read More about Breast Lift NYC

CoolSculpting in NYC – How It Helps to Eliminate Excess Body Fat

CoolSculpting NYC

The safe and effective CoolSculpting treatment offered in NYC plastic surgery practices is a great option for women looking to shape up their body when diet and exercise fail to provide the desired results. This FDA-cleared fat reduction technique is a non-invasive solution that can effectively address problematic areas using controlled cooling to freeze and …Read More about CoolSculpting NYC

ISAPS Report: Fat Transfer Buttock Augmentation More Popular than Butt Implants in 2015

Fat Transfer Buttock Augmentation

The 2015 International Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) shows an increasing interest in buttock augmentation with fat transfer. Popularly known as the Brazilian Butt lift, this is a cosmetic surgical technique whereby fat is harvested from specific areas of the body, processed and purified, and then …Read More about Fat Transfer Buttock Augmentation

What are the Factors that Impact Breast Lift Surgery Results?

Breast Lift Surgery

Established plastic surgery practices in NYC provide safe and effective breast lift surgery, helping women to address sagging and restore a pleasing and youthful look to the bust line. The popularity of the procedure has soared over the last decade. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal that breast lifts have grown 70% …Read More about Breast Lift Surgery

Learn More about Follow-up Care after Cosmetic Surgery in NYC

Cosmetic Surgery in NYC

Follow-up care after your cosmetic surgery procedure in NYC is a very important requirement that you must be committed to meet. This is to help maintain your new look as long as possible and enjoy the full benefits of the surgery. Having a cosmetic procedure and getting the results is a multi phase process and a good plastic surgeon would …Read More about Cosmetic Surgery in NYC

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