Smart Lipo – Question and Answer

shatha k | Dos Rios, CA | 6 days ago

3rd day after surgery (smartlipo)

Doctors Answer
July 2nd, 2015

I close the small incisions with a suture so my patients may shower the next morning. However, they can’t take baths or swim where the incisions are submerged for a few weeks until the incisions are fully closed.

srogosky | Fairless Hills, PA | 27 days ago

Today I had a follow up with Doctor . As of today I’m 40 Days out from Surgery. When doctor came in he started looking at knees as well as my inner and out thighs. I did address to doctor again about all the swelling I still have . After him looking over everything he is wondering also why there is so much swelling. So after he spoke to me , he said he removed over 1100 in fat, he had one of the nurses do a ultrasound to help break up fluid. I’m really not seeing a big difference.

Doctors Answer
June 11th, 2015

While most patients see significant results after 40 days or about six weeks, the final results are not seen until three months or longer. The variability in swelling resolution is due to many factors. Aside from differences seen from person to person, the anatomic location in areas that are dependent such as the thighs and knees take longer because we spend most of our waking hours standing or upright. Gravity works against the lymphatics returning to the thorax, slowing the process down. Also, the larger amount of fat removed, the longer it takes in general for swelling to go down. In my opinion, external ultrasound does not speed up the process up. Also, compression garments this late into your recovery probably won’t affect things but your doctor may have a different opinion. To answer your question in a roundabout way, I expect that with the amount of fat removed, you should see a result within the next few weeks to months.

tiny_tania | Ukraine | 2 months ago

Its been 11 weeks after the operation of SmarLipo on lower abdominal and inner thighs. I add before pic, and the pic in the day of operation with the marks that surgeon did. I was wearing compression garment for 8 weeks 24/7. And went to 6 x LPG sessions. Abdominal is rather ok. But still I’m not happy with the result/progress of the operation on the inner thighs. I’m 30 years old, no kids, skin elasticity is normal, do pilates & some yoga, I have stretch marks but only at outer thighs.

Doctors Answer
May 28th, 2015

While patients can have very nice results with Smartlipo, the inner thighs are difficult areas to treat in that the overlying skin is relatively thin and the fat usually suctions out quickly. This may result in some parts being overdone compared with others resulting in depressions and contour deformities if not done carefully. I recommend waiting at least 6 months from the time of the operation in order to allow the full result to show. It takes time for all the swelling to resolve, the skin to redrape and any fat destroyed by the laser not suctioned out to disappear. Although an in-person consultation is best, judging from your photos there is a depressed area that will benefit from fat transfer to fill it in as well as more suctioning toward the top of the inner thigh. These corrective cases are challenging so make sure the surgeon has experience dealing with them and good luck.

sspotten | Los Angeles, CA | 5 months ago

My legs are fairly muscular from good strength training and regular exercise but with time, the definition has been reduced. My upper inner thighs feel firm when I stand but they do touch at the very top. Is it a good idea to treat that area with a micro cannula? I thought that may give the PS more control than a standard size device.

Doctors Answer
March 6th, 2015

Laser-assisted liposuction or Smartlipo is an excellent technique for the upper inner thighs in properly selected patients. Based on your photos, it appears that you have a small amount of fat and good skin which is crucial to a good outcome. Of course, a qualified plastic surgeon should make sure in person. The laser helps to emulsify or break up the fat so that smaller cannulas may be used. As you’ve suggested, this allows the surgeon greater accuracy in an area that is at higher risk for a contour deformity due to the inherent thinness of the skin there. The heat of the laser may also result in skin tightening in some patients which helps the overall result. Obtain a consult from someone who does a large volume of these procedures to see if this is the right operation for what you are looking for and good luck.

aew2015 | Raleigh, NC | 8 days ago

I had Smartlipo 3 months ago and now have dark shadows on my inner thighs. I believe that they are a result of the contouring and not hyper-pigmentation, but would like to get an opinion please. What if anything can be done about the problem? Thanks,

Doctors Answer
June 30th, 2015

Rarely, hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin may occur following Smartlipo or with any liposuction. Common areas are the inner thighs as in your case or in the upper outer arm and is usually the result of the breakdown products of a bruise that stains the undersurface of the dermis of the skin. The reason it occurs more frequently in the inner thighs is due to the thin and relatively inelastic nature of that skin where any darkening is more likely to show through. While it may take months or even longer than a year to clear, the body will eventually remove the dark areas. If it does not appear to get better with time, certain lasers may help speed the process up. In the meanwhile, go back to your plastic surgeon to make sure it isn’t some other issue that should be treated proactively and good luck.

tankr218 | Philadelphia, PA | 18 days ago

I’m 47 y/o female. 5’8″ and 144lb in good shape. Leaving for a vacation to Europe in 6 weeks. Want to lipo my abdominal/love handle areas, but concerned I won’t be fully recovered for the trip.

Doctors Answer
June 22nd, 2015

Smartlipo, like any elective surgery, requires budgeting enough time to recover. The good news is that with it, especially when done under local anesthesia, recovery is faster than with other methods. However, everyone has a different capacity to recover, different goals, different schedule demands and varying activities. From a physiologic standpoint, you are well healed in a few weeks but will not see the full benefit of the aesthetic improvement. From a practical standpoint, this is elective surgery and the risks, although very low, are not zero so any unanticipated event can interfere with your plans.

filio | Chicago, IL | 26 days ago

I am 33 and thin , I workout and eat well but I can get rid of my banana rolls . Especially the right leg which is bigger annoys me a lot . I have tried many therapies , I had a liposuction 6 years ago but it made no difference really . The doctor didn’t remove the fat I think . Is smartlipo a good solution or no ?? I am scared of making it worst. What should I do ?

Doctors Answer
June 11th, 2015

Thank you for your question because this is a very challenging problem that many women have. You are very perceptive to the possibility that liposuction of any kind to this area can make it worse. While this may seem counterintuitive because the roll looks like excess fat, removing this fat takes away some of the support to the buttock crease known as the infragluteal crease. This will cause the overlying buttock muscle and soft tissue to fall downward and exert pressure on the back of the thigh where the banana roll was and cause it to buckle. This makes the ‘roll’ more pronounced and is very difficulty to reverse. The buttock sags and looks like that of a much older person. In order to reverse this, fat has to be injected back to buttress (no pun intended) the weakened crease and fill out any oversuctioned areas that are dimpled and lax. In worse cases, the crease has to be surgically repaired and the extra loose skin below removed. In your case, it appears to be mild and strengthening the gluteal muscles and/or increasing volume may help.

trina0311 | Lake Worth, FL | 29 days ago

Also would it be more effective to have an arm lift instead of smart lipo on my arms especially to get rid of that lil under arm fat? Ps sorry about the picture quality Thanks in advance for your help!

Doctors Answer
June 11th, 2015

The abdomen, bra rolls and arms may be treated at the same time with Smartlipo if done under general anesthesia. If done under local anesthesia, or awake, the amount of the numbing medicine (lidocaine) required to safely give you comfort while doing the procedure will determine whether it can be done in one or two operations. Safety is the most important factor so patients understand if the operation needs to broken up into two settings. A separate issue is if liposuction with or without laser is appropriate and this depends on the skin quality. In your case, the photos are difficult to determine this so an in person consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon will answer these and other questions (such as cost) you may have. Good luck

Sexy007 | Honolulu, HI | 28 days ago

Hi there! I’m female , 31 years old, I have fat and loose skin in my arms, inner thigh and stomach ( basically everywhere) , I’m looking for the best result, should I go for lipo or smart lipo? Thank you!

Doctors Answer
June 11th, 2015

When considering body contouring with liposuction, there are many factors that affect your decision process. First, Smartlipo MPX is the previous generation laser-assisted liposuction. The newest Smartlipo Triplex has a wavelength not available to the older MPX model (but still includes the MPX wavelength). Second, you should ask the surgeon why he or she uses laser in general with liposuction and how much experience they have with it. For example, I use the laser because of the emulsifying (liquifying) effect it has on fat to enhance its subsequent removal with liposuction. There may be some skin tightening in some patients but that is not the primary reason for its use in my practice. Also, ask your surgeon if he or she offers the procedure with a local anesthesia option where the patient is awake and benefits from the excellent safety profile with it and early recuperation when compared to general anesthesia.

The short answer is that both options may be available to you but an in person consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon is needed to answer your questions.

cassiclee | Toronto, ON | 26 days ago

I had smartlipo on my arms last August and I have a bunch of bumps still on the back of my arms,,, will this ever go away? Is there anything I can do?

Doctors Answer
June 11th, 2015

While it is difficult to answer your question specifically without photos and a little more history, the results you have ten months after Smartlipo is likely going to be your final result. If the bumps to which you are referring are under the skin, they may be the result of either fat necrosis, fibrosis of the skin or uneven fat suctioning. If they are hard (nodular) and separate like small pebbles, it could be that sterile pockets of dead fat have become calcified or hardened. These will go away with time. Similarly, if the skin is inflamed or irritated such as with over-lasering a small area, it can become fibrotic or ‘ropy’ in some parts. This will also go away with time and massage. However, if there are areas of over-suctioning with other areas underdone, these contour deformities are unlikely to resolve on their own and may require a corrective procedure such as fat transfer to smooth out the defects. In any case, a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon who does a lot of these operations will give you a plan of action. Good luck.

sheilalowman | Atlanta, GA | 1 month ago

Doctors Answer
June 4th, 2015

Although more information is needed than was provided from your question, there are a few reasons that a patient can have a high rate called tachycardia during Smartlipo. The most common reason is simple anxiety but a rate of 160 is unlikely due to that. More commonly, a patient may have a sensitivity to one or more of the medications used during the procedure, especially epinephrine which is part of the tumescent solution injected into the fat space. Epinephrine is used to cause vasoconstriction where the small and medium blood vessels decrease in caliber to reduce bruising and bleeding. Some of the epinephrine is absorbed into the systemic circulation and may cause the heart to beat more quickly as a side effect. This can happen if the patient has an underlying sensitivity to the medication, is taking other meds which may cause the fast rate in addition to the epinephrine or have some disorder that warrants further investigation. The surgeon must make sure the patient is safe before proceeding and should address the situation. If the patient is having symptoms like shortness of breath or chest pain, he or she must be seen by the appropriate medical personnel immediately. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence and usually resolve itself without symptoms. At any rate, the patient needs to have cardiac evaluation to rule out any previously unknown issues at the appropriate time.

Audrey1961 | 2 months ago

My dr have suggested weight loss options due to my high cholesterol. I’ve tried to loose the weight BUT it has settled in my mid section. It has been suggested that the cholesterol levels will get better if I loose about 20 or more pounds. I had a consultation with my dr. I was told to find out from my insurance (UHC) what was needed and she would provide. But it seems that my dr did not document the weight loss & lipo consult; therefore insurance denied due to no supporting documentation.

Doctors Answer
June 1st, 2015

Like all elective cosmetic procedures, Smartlipo is unlikely to be covered by insurance companies. Although the associated weight loss and improved healthy lifestyle that often accompanies Smartlipo are beneficial, I am not aware of any direct correlation that can be documented in order for it to be reimbursed.

zkp1 | Pennsylvania Furnace, PA | 2 months ago

I’m a 30 yo female.Diabetic since March 2012 using the insulin pump and metformin pills to treat it.1 csection in 2006 the other in 2013 which left me with the hanging fat in bottom of abdominal area(kangaroo sack is what us girls call it).Am I able to get any type of weight loss surgery?

Doctors Answer
May 29th, 2015

A patient with diabetes who has good control of his or her blood sugar for a consistent period of time can be a candidate for Smartlipo just like anyone else. In your case, the location of the insulin pump has to be taken into consideration because it may physically be located in the area of surgery. You may also be a candidate for the procedure to be done under local anesthesia where you are monitored by an anesthesiologist and made very comfortable without having the traditional methods of anesthesia and the attendant recuperation requirements. Having a hanging area of the abdomen may be better taken care of by other means besides Smartlipo so a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon will answer all your questions.

Kristensnick | Austin, TX | 2 months ago

I had Smart Lipo of the inner and outer thighs two weeks ago and was told by the surgeon to start having lymphatic massages weeks 2-4. Is this medically necessary? I’m just on a pretty tight budget after all of this and am trying to cut corners. Thank you!

Doctors Answer
May 26th, 2015

Lymphatic massage, while helpful following liposuction of any kind including Smartlipo, is not medically necessary in my opinion because the process of edema or swelling resolution will continue with time regardless. It may in some cases speed things up but for most patients is not needed. However, if the patient desires it and does not mind the added expense, it has value in that small areas of fibrosis tend to resolve a bit more quickly with it. Gentle massage by the patient herself can be just as effective. Gentle, circular massage of any firm areas with the index, middle and ring fingers for five minutes a day is all that is usually required. The trick is to be consistent with it for a week or two.

KKlyn | Mickleton, NJ | 2 months ago

Im a 44 yr old woman, 115 lbs that was blessed with big arms. I had smartlipo done 2 wks ago. 2 days aftr surgery both arms appeared noticeably smaller. I had fat above my elbows & this fat looked to be gone at 1st site. Now it looks huge again & is very sore. Its so bad it looks like I have a growth coming out. Im fearing this is still fat & not just swollen as I havent seen any change in the size. Is it normal to have swelling above the elbow? I wear the garment 24/7. Please give me hope.

Doctors Answer
May 26th, 2015

Despite not having photos, what you are describing is very common when it comes to Smartlipo of the arms. At first, you noticed that the arms were smaller, including the area above the elbow. After two weeks, swelling or edema of the skin and soft tissues settled to the lowest part of the treated area which lies just above the elbows. This is because gravity will tend to draw the swelling to the most dependent portion of the operated areas. Luckily, the fat that has been removed with the operation is gone permanently and the swelling that is temporarily taking up the space above the elbow will dissipate in a few weeks to months to allow the slimming result to show. Wearing the compression garment is helpful; just make sure it starts at the wrist because it will cause swelling just beyond the cuff.

Atlanta4606 | Austin, TX | 3 months ago

Is smart lipo an effective procedure for reducing the size of the upper arm?

Doctors Answer
May 1st, 2015

The short answer is yes, Smartlipo is an excellent choice for arm contouring for the right patient. Just as in any liposuction procedure, the skin must be of good quality and have enough elasticity. This means that once the fat is removed, the skin has a reasonable likelihood to retract and not become loose. In conditions of very large weight loss or fluctuations, the skin becomes damaged and liposuction alone will make it look worse. On the other hand, absence of stretch marks, moderate fat removal requirements and good muscle tone underneath will yield great results in many patients in the hands of an experienced surgeon.

DoGood100 | Los Angeles, CA | 2 months ago

The dr that did this says I just need skin tightening treatments, I know that won’t fix that my upper thigh looks like part of a deformed butt. I can probably get her to do additional Lipo so the shape is higher to my real butt crease, but I know that runs the risk of my butt falling and loosing my crease… If I tried this would it be able to then be fixed with a butt lift? fat grafting back to the area would fix it maybe but my inner butt crease always sagged skin in the middle so fix that too

Doctors Answer
May 1st, 2015

It appears that your natural buttock crease has been disrupted following liposuction and is usually due to either crossing the normal attachments of the skin to the deep structures there blunting the crease or to suctioning the lower buttock. The latter reduces volume and the natural fullness needed to round out the buttock. It is difficult to know without examining you but it appears that further liposuction will likely make the problem worse.

Two questions are how long has it been since the operation when the photos were taken and did the doctor suction the lower buttock in addition to the thighs? If is is less than six months postoperatively, I would wait until everything settles down and you can determine a plan. Fat grafting will restore volume and fill out the deficit that is causing the double crease if it’s not disrupted. If the crease is disrupted, it may require more extensive repair such as suturing. These cases are challenging so I would encourage getting a second opinion from a surgeon who has extensive experience with this. Good luck.

GordonB1 | Santa Barbara, CA | 3 months ago

Three months post-op and the the incision scars which are approx 2 mm long are still very visible and a darker shade . I’m using Mederma, scar healing creams, etc, etc.. How long does it typically take before they dissapear completely ?

Doctors Answer
April 27th, 2015

The way scars generally heal are dependent on two main factors: 1. the technique which the surgeon has some control over and 2. how a patient heals which no one has any control over. Plastic surgeons make the effort to hide incisions in naturally occurring places to hide them such as the belly button or low in the hairline as well as making them as small as possible.

In our practice, we use a needle instead of a scalpel blade to make a small, circular puncture rather than a line. Circular incisions tend to heal with a smaller overall length and still can accommodate the instruments needed for the operation . Also, the incisions are closed with fine sutures like the ones we use for facial lacerations. Finally, operating as gently as possible decreases the trauma that occurs at the incision site so that they heal better.

As far as patient skin types go, the darker the skin (the higher the Fitzpatrick type) the longer the incisions tend to stay hyperpigmented or dark. In some patients, they may be dark for a year or more. Lightening agents are helpful in some cases but the key is to hide the incisions and make them as small as possible in the first place. Staying out of the sun is important as ultraviolet light can permanently darken the incision while it is in the healing phase.

eryianavaldez | Austin, TX | 3 months ago

I had smartlipo of the chin and neck one month ago and they removed quite a bit of fat (300 cc) . I did have more then usual post op swelling and pain. I’m one month put and still very swollen especially if I don’t wear a compression garment at night. I also have a lot of pain still requiring me to take pain pills to sleep at night. It’s still very tender to touch but it hurts moving or talking as well. I really don’t want to be that patient who bugs their doctor but it seems abnormal.

Doctors Answer
April 15th, 2015

While it is unusual to have pain one month after Smartlipo of the chin/neck, 300cc of fat is a large volume where there may be more associated discomfort. Swelling also usually resolves for the most part at 4-6 weeks and finalized around 4 months. That being said, the best thing to do is to check with your surgeon in person. It is never a bother for a patient who has a question to check with the doctor. The good news is that once you are fully healed, a nice change should be seen in your neck. Good luck.

Ms.D23 | Sacramento, CA | 3 months ago

Hi, i had smart lipo done in Jan 27th, 10 weeks ago, I feel like my belly looks the same, but more firmer, do it look like my abdominal still swollen? Will I lose anymore fat? I do pilates almost everyday.

Doctors Answer
April 9th, 2015

With Smartlipo, as with any liposuction procedure, the skin and soft tissues over and around the area of fat have swelling that takes time to resolve. While the majority of the swelling is finished by around six weeks, the final result is not seen until three or four months afterwards. What looks like residual fat is edema or soft tissue swelling that should improve in the the next few weeks. The good news is that the fat that was removed is gone forever.

hello2me | Elk Grove Village, IL | 3 months ago

I have been to two different consultations about having smart lipo. One consult said that the tumescent they use to numb prior to the procedure is left in for over an hour and they begin the surgery. The other consult said that the tumescent is left in for only a few minutes before the surgery. Which answer is correct? Also, how long typically does a smart lipo procedure take from start to finish?

Doctors Answer
April 8th, 2015

This an insightful question. Tumescent fluid is sterile saline or salt water that is carefully injected into the subcutaneous (below the skin) fat space in order to 1. carry lidocaine to numb the area 2. carry epinephrine to constrict the blood vessels and reduce bruising, and 3. provide a larger, safer aqueous or watery medium or workspace in order for the liposuction to work best (liposuction works on the principle that fat is slightly less dense than water so that it is preferentially removed from an area when suction is applied). While it takes time for the medicines to work optimally, when Smartlipo is done in the awake patient, the tumescent fluid is injected very slowly and carefully to ensure that it isn’t painful. The time that it takes to do this (about 20 minutes or more) is more than sufficient to get excellent analgesia or numbness so that the next steps of laser-ing and suction are painless. As for time, it takes about 45 to 60 minutes per area for Smartlipo to be done in the awake patient or however much time it takes to get the best result. I hope this relatively long explanation is helpful and good luck.

Diva9023 | Atlanta, GA | 3 months ago

I’m 25 yrs old. I had smart lipo procedure done 2 yrs ago & I’m considering going back for more work. I gained some weight back over the years & I’d rather pay to get it sucked out again. What would be the best procedure for former smart lipo patients?

Doctors Answer
April 8th, 2015

For repeat, or secondary, liposuction after Smartlipo, some scarring is to be expected under the skin in the space where the fat is located. This amount varies from person to person and doesn’t mean that a patient can’t have lipo there a second or even third time. However, a surgeon’s experience with repeat liposuction with laser is important because it is more challenging than the first time. Use of energy such as laser (Smartlipo) or ultrasound (VASER) is helpful in loosening and smoothing the scar plane (space) as well as using special cannulas (such as a ‘basket cannula’) to safely loosen the tissue. All these considerations add up to giving the patient the best chance for a good outcome. Please consult with a qualified plastic surgeon who does a lot of these operations to see what your options are and good luck.

pphillips6 | Atlanta, GA | 3 months ago

I had Smartlipo on my tummy, waist and back almost 2 weeks ago – when will these areas start feeling normal and not tingly and sore? Also – is it better to wear the compression garmet longer than 2 weeks?

Doctors Answer
April 2nd, 2015

Numbness following Smartlipo (and any type of liposuction) is not uncommon and almost always resolves on its own in about four to six weeks. This is because the sensory nerves that travel within the space where the fat was treated are temporarily interrupted and restoration of full sensation may be preceded by tingling or “pins and needles”.

Wearing a garment for longer than two weeks, in my opinion, does not have any benefit since most of the swelling that is amenable to compression occurs in the first week or two of surgery. The elasticity of the garment is also much less after this time (unless you keep changing to new ones). However, some patients like to wear the garment longer and that is fine as long as there are no wrinkles that may leave marks on the skin.

makenne2 | Fort Washington, MD | 3 months ago

I am 38 and would say I have more of a square shaped face. Would you recommend smart lipo, venus treatments or a minilift? Lipo recovery scares me… Any advice would be appreciated!! I am getting radiesse for my nasolabial folds.

Doctors Answer
April 2nd, 2015

Thanks for your question but it is difficult to know exactly what you’re looking for regarding results without a photo. However, the non-invasive techniques are not designed for facial contouring and the ability to control the removal of fat (if that is what is desired) is much greater with laser assisted liposuction because it treats the fat directly. This is better for the chin but the jowls may respond better to a tightening procedure such as Precision Tx laser treatment because that is primarily caused by skin laxity. Removing fat from there may actually make the jowls worse. Please consult a plastic surgeon about your options.

Jennnnn234 | Atlanta, LA | 3 months ago

I got smart lipo about 9 months ago .. I am not satisfied with my result and in my dis satisfaction I gained some weight back. I do not want to go back to the same doctor I went to. I live in Atlanta Georgia and its so hard for me to find a doctor to redo my upper and lower abs as well as flanks. What do you recommend?

Doctors Answer
April 1st, 2015

Thanks for your question and I’m sorry that you are looking to have your Smartlipo re-done. Although there aren’t any pictures and you aren’t specific in what you are dissatisfied with, there are a few things to consider. If you don’t have any contour deformities (grooving, dents, etc.), the most common reason for a revision is that the fat removal is under-done. Fortunately, this is straightforward to do now that you’ve waited a reasonable amount of time for the final results and healing to be completed. However, gaining weight (even after your dissatisfaction) confuses things and it is advisable to get back to the same weight as you were the day of the operation to have an accurate reference point. For example, even though the fat cells that were killed or removed originally are gone forever, the remaining fat cells can enlarge with poor diet (one can ‘out-eat’ the operation). I am sure the original surgeon would do anything reasonably possible for you to get the result you want but if you are not going back to him or her, make sure the next plastic surgeon has experience with secondary liposuction. Smartlipo Centers of Excellence means that the doctor has a large number of cases done and teaches other physicians how to perform Smartlipo. Good luck

Fattest | Canada, KY | 4 months ago

I had smart lipo triplex 3 days ago today and haven’t seen any results so far ? I’m hoping IT is just swelling, I am wearing my compression garment 24/7 and the soreness has started to subside, getting nervous tho that he didn’t take enough fat out to make a difference?

Doctors Answer
March 30th, 2015

Three days after Smartlipo, much like in any surgery, there is the maximal amount of swelling to be expected which should begin to taper off over the first week or two. The final results take a few months to be seen but you will see the majority of the swelling subside in about 6 weeks. The fat that is removed is gone permanently but the body’s tendency to temporarily swell in the soft tissues is a normal and expected response. The good news is that this will go away and the fat this has been removed is gone forever. Please be patient with the process and you will soon see the results.

heathersgo | Ontario, ON | 4 months ago

I had smartlipo done on several areas and had the 3m reston pads attached to the areas treated and now absolutely can not get the pads off of my arms, I was able to finally remove from the other areas with a lot of pain and a lot of oil but can not remove from my arms. I feel like I am ripping my skin off. This is 5 days later. What can I do?

Doctors Answer
March 28th, 2015

Reston foam is a self-adherent foam manufactured by the 3M corporation that is sometimes used as a post surgical dressing. However, the company’s product description reads that it is contraindicated in its use as a dressing for post-surgical treatments such as liposuction and may result in blistering of the skin and other problems. If you cannot safely remove the foam yourself at this point, see your surgeon.

ThickSlim | NYC | 4 months ago

Should I have a certain weight or skin requirement. Can fat transfer be done with smartlipo? and which is cost effective?I am 30 years old 5’8 my measurements are 34 32 43 I gained so much weight from just depression and being in an abusive relationship, I am looking to start a new chapter in my life, dieting and exercising hasn’t been giving me the results I am after, fast enough…therefore I am looking for a good plastic surgeon that can help me on my journey. Thank you

Doctors Answer
March 27th, 2015

Congratulations on starting the next step in your life. Based on your information and photos, you are most likely a candidate for Smartlipo and fat transfer. While Smartlipo will destroy the fat cells, the fat can first be carefully harvested with liposuction, and then carefully prepared for injection elsewhere (such as the buttocks). Then, Smartlipo can be performed to ‘finish’ off the contouring or slimming portion of the procedure where the fat that is subsequently removed is discarded. Please consult a qualified plastic surgeon in person for all the Smartlipo, liposuction and Brazilian butt lift procedures to see if you are a candidate (which you appear to be). In many patients, we offer this procedure under local anesthesia as an option which often results in a faster recuperation as well as being more cost effective (no anesthesia fee, fewer personnel and equipment requirements). Good luck

CaliLuv86 | Ontario, CA | 4 months ago

could this be fixed? If so how much?

Doctors Answer
March 27th, 2015

The indentation or depression is a result of over-suctioning that area and, possibly, under-suctioning the surrounding areas. In order to improve this, fat needs to be carefully harvested from elsewhere (and not treated with laser or else the fat will die), carefully prepared and injected into the depressed areas. Further contouring of the surrounding areas and release of the indentations are required. More fat than is needed is generally grafted because some of the fat will not survive (this is not unexpected); this is ‘overcorrection’. This may be done under local anesthesia with you awake and may take more than one session. The good news is that there is a high likelihood of improvement with a minimal amount of downtime but this requires experience on the part of the surgeon. Good luck.

XxBabygirlxX | Birmingham, GB | 5 months ago

My lower belly fat is really getting me down now because I am loosing weight everywhere else apart from my stomach, I swim x 5 days a week for an hour and also go the gym and zumba with doing cardio and weight training and weight is falling off me from everywhere else apart from my stomach. is there a way of removing my belly fat instead of having a tummy tuck, I have never fancied going under the needle! it gets me down every day, as you can see I have a slim figure just my annoying belly fat!

Doctors Answer
March 17th, 2015

The fullness of the abdomen is due to a contribution of several factors. These include 1. subcutaneous fat (fat under the skin and over the muscle) which can be treated with liposuction 2. muscle laxity (diastasis) that requires an operation such as a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty in order to tighten the looseness and 3. intra-abdominal or visceral fat that surrounds our internal organs where fat is gained preferentially for some people. Based on your photos, your skin elasticity looks satisfactory so that Smartlipo to remove the subcutaneous fat may be a good option. This may ‘jumpstart’ your already good exercise regimen to target the abdominal muscle in order to flatten your profile once the SQ fat is removed optimally. Factors such as having children or losing a lot of weight (50 pounds or more) will affect your candidacy. A trainer may be able to focus strengthening the abdominal muscles to enhance your outcome once the excess fat is removed. Additional weight loss will make the results even better. Good luck and consult a qualified plastic surgeon to see if you’re a candidate.

Valen1 | Australia, AU | 5 months ago

I told my surgeon I only wanted to get it on my stomach (problem area)because I was in a healthy weight range, exercised etc. I am happy with result on my abdomen,but my surgeon also took fat out of my hips & I’m sad because I’m naturally a size E bust size and have a full bum but now my hips/ top part of thighs look tiny and they were not like this before. I feel very sad and very self conscious. Some people say to me it’s weird that I have large bust and plump bum but straight hips.

Doctors Answer
March 17th, 2015

After three years, you certainly have the final shape after Smartlipo. I am glad you are happy with your abdomen but it appears that you are unhappy with the proportions following Smartlipo of the hips. Since there are no photos and you don’t mention any technical problems with the hip Smartlipo such as contour problems or grooving, you probably can have your own (autologous) fat taken from somewhere else and then carefully prepared and then injected into the hips where you want more volume. When this is done for increasing the buttocks, this is known as a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) but can be done in almost any part of the body where volume is needed or wanted. Please get a consult from a qualified plastic surgeon (or two) to see if you are a candidate and good luck.

senitive | Saint Louis, MO | 4 months ago

it has been two weeks since my smart lipo procedure and the skin around my navel is looking a little wrinkly and also looks like an orange peel. I called my PS and was told that it is part of the healing process. When I called I couldn’t exactly explain how it looked but they knew exactly what I was talking about, and that’d where I got the example of an orange peel

Doctors Answer
March 13th, 2015

The orange peel appearance is due to swelling which thickens the skin and the stretching of the pores. This is not unusual following Smartlipo or any liposuction especially around the umbilicus because that is where the surgeon needs to be a bit more aggressive in removing the fat to get a flat result. The belly button has a stalk that is attached to the abdominal wall below. If fat is left behind encircling the stalk, it causes the ‘bagel’ or ‘doughnut’ bulge where the umbilicus is the hole of the ‘bagel’. More laser and more suctioning in the area causes more swelling of that area relative to other parts that are treated so this is a reflection of that extra effort and will go away over time (a few weeks). However, in rare circumstances, a fluid collection may cause this appearance and needs to be addressed by your surgeon so please make sure that isn’t the case.

MzJon | Cambra, PA | 4 months ago

Doctors Answer
March 12th, 2015

Many patients ask about arm contouring and I appreciate your question. The ‘gold standard’ for a patient like you is to liposuction the upper arm to debulk the size and then remove the skin with a brachioplasty. This will yield the most reduction in volume and deals with the excess skin that would occur after liposuction at the expense of an incision from the elbow to the axilla. Smartlipo of the arms with a modest amount of liposuction with skin that has enough elasticity might be all some patients are looking for. The surgeon, together with the patient, strikes a balance between fat removal and leaving enough to support the skin to look satisfactory. Seek a consult with a qualified surgeon (such as one who has a Center of Excellence, meaning he or she teaches Smartlipo to other doctors) to determine if you are a candidate. The arm is a three dimensional structure where good results can be obtained in the right patient but is more technically demanding. Good luck

meboswell | NC | 4 months ago

I massage and can get the ridges to soften up but as soon as I look down they tighten back up.. AND they get really sore from the massaging.. All the entry points still swell into ridges down my neck.

Doctors Answer
March 11th, 2015

In general, it takes up to four months to assess the final results of Smartlipo. In the neck, more background is needed to answer your question. Age, skin laxity, platysma (neck) muscle bands, access incisions will all affect your outcome. The most important factor is if you are a candidate for Smartlipo in the first place. In your case, the outcome will probably improve with time. The bands are likely secondary to the heat of the laser since no fat was removed. Schedule a follow up appointment at about two months after the procedure to discuss your progress with the surgeon.

kellyisWonderWoman | Grand Rapids, OH | 4 months ago

I had smart lipo done 2 weeks ago on my upper/lower abs, flanks and back. My hips/flanks are still very tender. I wear my compression garment as ordered. 24/7. When I wash it, I wear my spanx. I have only see minimal difference in my waist, and my lower abdomen is still swollen, I can’t get my jeans on. My lower abdomen feels kind of hard too. I feel that I am not seeing much of a difference. What can I do to get the most out of my results? What can I do to help? How long does it take

Doctors Answer
March 11th, 2015

Taller patients such as yourself are generally good candidates for body contouring procedures such as Smartlipo because there is more space in the midsection to get the results of an hourglass or ‘V’.

To address your question, swelling at two weeks is normal and you may feel bigger for several weeks (clothes tight, etc.) This is because the space occupied by the fat that is now removed is now taken up by edema or swelling of the skin and soft tissues. Think of it as a moist sponge that takes time to ‘wring out’. The good news is that it will eventually go away to show your results but the final result may take up to four months or more. The fat that is removed is gone permanently because we don’t make any more fat cells in number to any large degree after puberty is completed.

The firmness around the abdomen is common and reflects the inflammation that occurs after an operation and this will also go away (gentle massage for a few minutes a day may speed up the process).

Tenderness at two weeks is unusual since most patients don’t feel much discomfort after a day or two but may occur. Regarding the volume difference, talk to your surgeon about the number of cc’s removed so that your expectations can be managed. Please give it a few months to fully assess your result and good luck.

301Linda | Waldorf, MD | 4 months ago

I had Smart Lipo on my arms two months ago at the age of 61 (female). Currently, my right arm has a lot of loose skin, and my left arm has loose skin and some lumps. I am afraid they will get no better in the next 4 months. My surgeon tells me it takes 6 months to see the final results of Smart Lipo. Do you think there could be a big change from my current condition in another 4 months?

Doctors Answer
March 9th, 2015

The reasons surgeons tell patients it takes up to six months to see the final results following Smartlipo include: 1) the improvements seen where the fat that is (permanently) removed is temporarily masked by swelling of the skin and soft tissues and 2) any skin contraction or tightening that will occur takes about that long. Of course, this is an ongoing process for up to a year or longer but most of the swelling goes away at about three or four months. Similarly, the skin tightening due to the mechanical process of liposuction and the heat of the laser is roughly about 75% done by then. If you have loose skin after this time, it is more likely a patient selection issue because some patients’ skin will not tighten enough and may actually look worse after this procedure. Lumps seen at two months probably will go away on their own and gentle massage may speed up the process. I would get a follow up appointment at about four months postop and discuss your concerns with him or her who will give you options. Good luck

ashleyp156 | Davenport, IA | 5 months ago

I had smart lipo 2 days ago and i cant help but look at my stomach and think maybe this was a mistake its bruised and very lumpy and still numb.

Doctors Answer
March 7th, 2015

Swelling after Smartlipo usually peaks at around 2-5 days after surgery and some numbness may persist for several weeks. Also, some bruising is to be expected and resolves after a week or so. The areas of swelling may appear slightly uneven but any lumpiness that is out of the ordinary or very marked may indicate a fluid collection such as a seroma or hematoma that needs to be aspirated (drained). Call your plastic surgeon so that he or she may diagnose you correctly. Most minor lumpiness is due to swelling and is affected by your posture, garment and other factors and is normal.

Yarab | Los Angeles, CA | 5 months ago

I just had smart Lipo don’t today on my upper and lower abdomen as well as flanks. I was ok when I left the dr but now I am in the worst pain. I am unable to walk properly, sit up or even get up to use the bathroom. The pain is intense. I keep taking oxycodone to help with the pain but it’s not doing much. Should I go to the ER? Is this normal?

Doctors Answer
March 5th, 2015

Some discomfort a few hours after Smartlipo is to be expected once the local anesthetic wears off but the excruciating pain you are describing is not normal. You should be evaluated by the surgeon immediately; if this is not possible, you must be evaluated in the ER.

Timeformeat50 | Ohio, OH | 4 months ago

I’m 49 A mother of 3. 12-14 I had smt lipo I still have quite a bit of fat on midsection. I’m sched for revise on 3-14 for my L- FL Larger, R thigh Lgr. I added my back. I don’t want to bend over in my jeans n have fat bulge. 1st surgery 6K now I’m at another 1500 for revision/ back. I want sm. waist, abs gone n back . Will I be happy w/ this revision w/ my skin tone? My skin has cellulite. I Kno I could use to lose about 10 or 15 pounds and exercise. I am willing to tone at the gym

Doctors Answer
March 5th, 2015

Although there is no substitute for an in-person evaluation, it appears from the photos and your description that it is reasonable to undergo a revision to gain more symmetry and perhaps a bit more fat removal. The surgeon, I believe, wants to have the best result possible for his or her patients so is agreeable to the revision. The skin overlying the sides of the body (mid back, flank, outer thighs, etc.) tends to respond to Smartlipo better than the abdominal skin and will likely improve with a touch up procedure. The abdominal skin (even after laser) is at risk of sagging afterwards because it lacks elasticity once the fat is removed. This is especially true if you have had children or weight gain and loss. If you have enough laxity of the skin together with abdominal muscle stretching (diastasis recti), a tummy tuck would be the most effective operation to get a flat and tighter abdomen. Please consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to be informed.

JewelB | Canada, KY | 5 months ago

Im a skinny girl and unfortunately both of my parents have a double chin that I now have.

Doctors Answer
March 3rd, 2015

Smartlipo of the chin is an excellent option for patients with good skin elasticity and specifically located fat that may run in the family. Seeking an opinion of a qualified plastic surgeon is important because he or she may address other issues that contribute to your overall profile such as possibly benefiting from a chin implant. Smartlipo of the chin is usually done under local anesthesia and aside from having an excellent safety profile, also has a short recovery time.

rochelly04 | Las Vegas, NV | 4 months ago

the compression garment provided just keep me in & smooths my body contour BUT it doesnt give me that “hour glass compression” that i am trying to acheive especially in my waist. So now i wear both(see pics) is it ok? When i showed my doc he said the latex vest would leave a mark but when i tried both at home (wearing the black latex vest over the beige compression garment) i dont see where it leaves a mark and i am really serious about getting a hour glass & not $5000 wasted. Help please?

Doctors Answer
March 2nd, 2015

Compression garments in general help the early swelling normally associated with the operation but the final result is not affected (that is determined in the operating room). While some compression is helpful, more is not necessarily better. Too much pressure with a fold in the garment may result in a (temporary) ridge which may take longer to smooth out. Please allow time to reveal the final result.

Nitaw | Francisco, IN | 4 months ago

I am considering smart lipo in a couple of months, however, I am terrified !! I’ve been reading some reviews online and I ran into this horrific review about lumps and bumps not going away and turning out to be scar’d tissue. How safe is smart lipo ?

Doctors Answer
March 2nd, 2015

The first thing to realize is that Smartlipo is a minimally invasive surgical procedure and while having an excellent safety profile and satisfaction rate, has certain risks and benefits. It is very important that the surgeon has the appropriate credentials, performs the surgery in an accredited operating room and does a large number of these operations (look for Centers of Excellence where the doctors train other doctors). Also, this may be done under local anesthesia without the need for general anesthesia and the associated risks, costs, and longer recovery period. That being said, Smartlipo involves liposuction in order to permanently remove fat and the outcome is highly dependent on the surgeon. For example, lumps and contour deformities can occur anytime fat is suctioned. The good news is that the laser helps to emulsify or liquefy the fat, making its removal more easily done. Smaller cannulas can then be used to perform the lipo portion and that gives the surgeon greater accuracy. Finally, make sure that your desires are matched by the doc so that there is a realistic expectation. Good luck

cat20032 | Washington, DC | 5 months ago

Doctors Answer
February 28th, 2015

Smartlipo has a wide range of prices that depend on

1. the qualifications of the surgeon

2. the area you are thinking of doing the procedure

3. the experience of the surgeon

4. what type of facility in which it is performed

5. the type of anesthesia used.

For 1 and 3, please seek a qualified plastic surgeon who has body contouring as a significant part of his or her practice. For example, plastic surgeons and non-surgeons alike who perform Smartlipo have varying degrees of experience. Centers of Excellence are places where the doctors teach the technique to other doctors and have done a large volume of cases.

For #2, sites such as this one are helpful in getting a ballpark figure for where you live because the costs of running a practice vary. Fourth, Smartlipo can be done in the office OR which has lower overhead and costs to the patient. Just make sure that it is an accredited facility so the safety standards are upheld like hospitals are. Lastly, this can be performed safely and effectively under local anesthesia (awake). There is also a much shorter recovery and doesn’t require an anesthesiologist and other nursing staff as in traditional liposuction under general anesthesia (please see link for a paper which we wrote about this subject).

imperfectlyflwd | Little York, IN | 5 months ago

my results of smart lipo post two week has been very good i am def happy. However in my lower abdomen near my belly button on the right side is a large round lump is this normal? What can it be? Will it go away?

Doctors Answer
February 28th, 2015

Following laser-assisted liposuction, a few things can occur that may explain the hard lumps. Normal inflammation that happens after any type of surgery causes swelling but is usually diffusely spread out. As long as it is not a fluid collection such as a hematoma or seroma which needs to be addressed by your surgeon, other causes include fat necrosis where the fat is killed but not removed hardens. In almost all cases, these resolve on their own. To speed things up, gentle massage may help. Only a few minutes a day are required but the key is to do it consistently over several weeks. If you have symptoms such as pain, sudden enlarging of the lump, etc., check with your surgeon immediately to rule out other, very rare causes. Good luck

spaceagent300 | Malta, MT | 5 months ago

I’m a 20 yr old guy who is very active, I go to the gym around 3-4 times a week (4-5 in the summertime), I have an area of loose skin in my lower abs & I feel like it would help if I didn’t have that to show my 6-pack that I’ve been working very hard for! 🙁 I have a consultation in 2 weeks but I am asking if I am a good enough candidate for it I was thinking of getting my lower stomach side (love handles) & my pecs done..tnx

Doctors Answer
February 27th, 2015

Based on the photos you’ve provided, it looks like you are a good candidate for Smartlipo for the following reasons:

1. your weight appears to be in normal range so the volume reduction won’t be so large that the skin is at high risk for sagging

2. you have excellent musculature underneath which will enhance your result afterwards (possibly HiDef)

3. your age is ideal in terms of skin elasticity.

For the chest, the excess glandular tissue (which is very common) is more visible the more your pectoralis muscles are built up. The muscle acts as a ‘stage’ for the breast tissue and is more prominent. In both cases, Smartlipo will likely result in very satisfying profiles. Also, it can ideally be done under local anesthesia with a minimal amount of downtime as an option. Please seek a qualified surgeon who does high volume (such as those associated with Centers of Excellence). Of course, an in-person consultation is needed to confirm this and best of luck to you.

Jaymilee Manchester, CT 5 months ago

Almost 2 weeks After smart lipo of U/L abs and flanks I developed an area with the waterbed affect when pressure was applied in one spot it would ripple up. Went to my PS and the first time he aspirated 100ccs and the second time another 40. I am seeing more fluid and this time he could not get the needle placed where he could draw anything out with the syringe so he decided to have me return the next day. Is this bad sign that he can’t get to it with the needle?

Doctors Answer
February 18th, 2015

A fluid collection or seroma following liposuction is an uncommon but recognized event that happens to a small percentage of patients. Timely recognition of the seroma and aspiration of the fluid as in your case is appropriate therapy and the collection typically resolves after a few treatments. It is encouraging that the volume of the fluid has decreased each time and it may simply be too small to find the third time or it may be change with body position. Rarely, a drain may be inserted to take care of the seroma but most are fully resolved with aspiration.

Jaymilee | Manchester, CT | 5 months ago

About 12 days after smart lipo of upper and lower abs an flanks I noticed a bulge like area to the right of my belly button that was soft to the touch and cause a wave like affect that rippled up my side when touched. Saw my PS, 1st time he drained 100ccs, the next day another 40ccs of blood from the pocket. It is filling up again although not as much as the first time. Is there a point where draining with a needle won’t help?

Doctors Answer
February 17th, 2015

It sounds like from your description that you have a fluid collection in the same space where the fat was removed. Occasionally, fluid accumulates in the space left behind following liposuction in a larger amount than the body can get rid of on its own and is known as a seroma. If the fluid is blood, it is called a hematoma. In either case, serial aspirations (removing the fluid by needle and syringe over a few days) and compression of the area usually takes care of it. In unusual cases where the fluid re-accummulates after many aspirations or when multiple office visits are not possible, placement of a temporary drain may help. In any case, this condition should be addressed in a timely fashion because, if left alone, there may be irreversible changes to the skin that may occur.

hourglassdiva | Flushing, NY | 6 months ago

I had a bbl in combination with smart lipo 8 months ago . I need a revision do to lumps and unevenness on my stomach and dents in my butt . I I read that performing lipo on the same are may put me at risk for lipo burns and lumps . I gained 10 ponds since my first bbl to ensure that I have enough fat for fat transfer . Can I get good results after second round of lipo on my stomach ? First picture was taken right before my first bbl and the others after lipo and gaining 10 pounds

Doctors Answer
February 13th, 2015

Although there is scar tissue with previous liposuction with or without laser under the skin, an experienced surgeon often is able to get a good result for revision if he or she finds you a candidate in an in person consultation. Eight months is a reasonable amount of time so that the swelling and fibrosis has subsided enough that an accurate touch up procedure can be done. Many of us who do body contouring as a large part of our practice often do revision lipo procedures on patients who may have had two, three or more operations done elsewhere and can give you an opinion if yet another operation is worth pursuing. Often, very good results may be achieved to get you where you want to be from a cosmetic standpoint.

Smp1003 | Mckinney, TX | 5 months ago

I had smartlipo of only my flanks and upper abdomen 11 days ago. 6 years ago i had a mini TT so there was no fat to be taken below the belly button and no lipo was done there, BUT this is where all the weird lumps and pockets of fluid are making me feel like my stomach looks distorted:( i am so depressed! I know he had to go through the area to get to the upper abs so is this just swelling from the insertion of the cannula? I have a lump that i can press on snd feel it move! Please help!

Doctors Answer
February 13th, 2015

This is a temporary swelling as a result of the tumescent fluid settling down in the lowest part of the operated area and the inflammation of the cannula crossing the area to get to the treatment area even though no liposuction was done there (as you perceptively noted). There is likely some scar tissue under the skin from your previous operation that is keeping more fluid or swelling in certain areas over others but this will most likely go away with time. Allow for a few weeks for it to resolve or have a follow up with the surgeon to make sure nothing else is responsible.

krryan819 | Connecticut, CT | 5 months ago

I have been desiring lipo on my abdomen, flanks and back for about a year now. I am not sure, would I benefit more from traditional lipo or smart lipo? I provided pictures, I am 5’2 135lbs. Workout 5 days a week.

Doctors Answer
February 10th, 2015

Based on your photographs, you appear to be a good candidate for either procedure although an in person consultation will determine that. While both standard lipo and Smartlipo can be performed with a variety of anesthesia options, Smartlipo is usually done with the patient awake with local anesthesia. The laser emulsifies or breaks up the fat so that its removal by suction can be performed through instruments and incisions typically smaller than with traditional lipo. Some patients also report some skin tightening with the laser. In any case, I recommend that you consult with a qualified surgeon and with a Smartlipo Center of Excellence (where the doctors train other doctors in the procedure) to be informed of your choices.

BBaby | Spring, TX | 5 months ago

I am exercising faithfully, and the rest of my body is responding to a lower calorie diet and exercise…but not my arms! Is Smart Lipo really as effective as traditional liposuction? My only hesitation in connection to traditional liposuction is the procedure – I would prefer not to have “surgery.” However, I know the results are significant. I’m not interested in spending $5k on Smartlipo, only to see slight difference. Thoughts?

Doctors Answer
February 10th, 2015

Congratulations on embarking on your exercise and diet regimen. As you and others have found out, arms are less responsive cosmetically to the efforts of adopting a healthier lifestyle and often are a source of frustration. Arms are very good areas to contour with liposuction in the appropriate individuals with satisfying results. However, it is important that the skin is not too loose so that the fat removal results in a smaller, yet sagging appearance of the arm which is worse than before. An in-person consultation is needed to see if you’re a candidate. Once you are determined to benefit, Smartlipo may be an excellent choice for you because it includes laser and liposuction of the arms for the contour benefit while often using smaller instrumentation through small incisions. We usually perform this under local anesthesia (with the patient awake) so that he or she can recuperate quickly (usually within a day of the procedure) with an excellent safety profile. In short, Smartlipo includes the fat removal of ‘traditional’ liposuction but with the addition of laser to break up the fat to allow smaller instruments while having the option to do it in the awake patient safely and comfortably. Both are considered minimally invasive types of surgery. It is often helpful for patients to get information from surgeons at a Certified Training Center where large numbers of patients are treated with this technology and where other physicians are trained in the operation.

Tiffanyhill | New Richmond, WV | 5 months ago

After having smart lipo in the abdomen is it true that these fat cells are destroyed

Doctors Answer
February 7th, 2015

The benefits of Smartlipo (or laser-assisted liposuction) is that a proportion of the fat cells in an area such as your abdomen are killed by the laser. Followed by liposuction, the cells that are destroyed and removed from your body are gone permanently. The number of fat cells that we have doesn’t change significantly after puberty because they don’t reproduce in number. The fat cells that you have get larger or smaller depending on weight gain and loss. For example, if you lose a lot of weight, the fat cells shrink down but are still alive and capable of expanding again if you eat too much. This contributes to the yo-yo effect. However, if you reduce the actual number of fat cells with the laser and liposuction, your ability to gain weight is reduced because you have fewer cells in the treated area to expand with weight gain. Both the surgeon and patient alike want to remove the right amount of fat to be done safely and effectively in order to get the results wanted. The short answer to your question is yes the fat cells that remain after Smartlipo can get bigger if you take in too many calories but there are much fewer of them. Smartlipo in conjunction with a healthy diet, sustainable and reasonable exercise regimen and good attitude to maintaining your commitment is a winning combination for many patients to get the results they desire for the long term.